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  1. I guess BR found out at the 2A Sectional on Friday night, that the jump to the next level is not going to be easy, even locally, as SK pulled a huge upset.....
  2. Loogootee basketball is heading in the right direction with Coach Chezam. Biggest challenge for the microwave society of today is patience. The kids play hard, are working hard, show a good attitude, and have a desire to win. All those intangibles are a recipe for success as the groundwork and rebuilding process has begun. Along with keeping meddling parents out of the way
  3. Glass needs to go as well. He's cost the University millions with all of his dumb contract extensions and ridiculous buy out deals with coaches. Crean needs to be gone before he drags it down even further=no coach.
  4. The pressure is really on big time for them to win the single A title this year too isn't? In more ways than one. Sometimes applying too much pressure can be a negative.
  5. The inmates are running the asylum in the Loogootee boy's basketball program right now, and that's why Mr. Hopkins is a one year and done coach. A lot of pressure on the school to make a solid program building coach hire after this year. Tell these idiotic parents to butt out. If they don't like it, what choice will they have? They can take their dog and pony show somewhere else, and they will be even more frustrated. Their lunacy is not needed or wanted.
  6. You must still be drunk from too much New Year's Eve celebrating lol
  7. There won't be any surprises this upcoming basketball season at Loogootee. What's even more amusing are the clowns on Facebook defending this interim hire, coming mostly from people that are totally clueless about basketball, yet providing their ignorance by chiming in with their lack of knowledge related to the program and the game.
  8. Gonna be a year like Brett's last year as coach at Loogootee...
  9. What tourney, the junior high blue chip tourney? LOL
  10. It's nice to see that the Barr-Reeve recruiting machine is alive and well for both the boys and girls varsity programs.
  11. I agree, Greensburg wins it!
  12. Linton is better coached, and that can make a difference in preparation
  13. LOL...Triton comfortably? What kool-aid you drinking? From the sound of things with LCC, you both stunk it up..I will take Borden
  14. Do you have a learning disability? That's what I said chump!