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  1. I don't need ESPN to tell me who is good in Indiana, I actually go out and watch games throughout the state. Just because someone's opinion is published doesn't mean it's right. Heck, that includes my opinion. In my excitement/outrage I prolly overrated Crews a tad. He is top 20-30 I'd say, not top 10. Crews is JUCO bound for a yr due to grades then likely transferring to DI. Indiana State is interested. He is a 6-1 guard for the No. 4 team in the state. Lot of people in addition to me find the list a joke in seeing who made the list and who didn't from Northeast Indiana.
  2. This list is a joke. Tre'Vion Crews of North Side is one of the top 10 seniors in the state and isn't even on the top 100? That publication is a farce. I could go into more shady details on Hoosier Bball Mag but I'll refrain for once
  3. Due to my employment now as a full-time sports reporter instead of a freelancer, I will no longer be able to take care of the Twitter account for IBD. If anyone is interested in taking it over, let me know via PM...
  4. Sorry to hear of his passing...
  5. Stay tuned...may be going back to New Haven. saw that coming for awhile...Jones is a good player, saw him at AAU event few weeks ago
  6. New Haven big man Steve McElvene is transferring to Wayne...
  7. Transferring from Cathedral...
  8. According to a Twitter report...
  9. haha "could" = 100%
  10. Any information regarding transfers or move-ins, post em here... One I read today is Marcus Lovett Jr, the 23rd-ranked player in the Class of 2015 according to Rivals, is considering moving to Indy or Fort Wayne from California. He is a PG...
  11. Who would you take off the team to put Baker on?
  13. Blackmon approved by unanimous vote...
  14. I have been told Blackmon WILL be named head basketball coach tonight at school board meeting....
  15. All subterfuge til he signs on the dotted line...he will