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  1. If all the private schools are lumped into their own class/tournament, does that mean LaLu can start participating in the tournament?
  2. With what NC has returning and the players that could come over from Union, I think they will be a lot better team than folks think. I don't see an overly dominate team in that sectional next year. Always, I wouldn't focus so much on games/teams to watch as I would gyms to see. There are a lot of great barns in this state and a true basketball fan should make it a point to see as many as possible.
  3. I read on another forum that NC will indeed have a new coach next year. Seems like a good landing spot for Coach Pigg. If Coach Pigg does get the job is that enough to get Robertson to follow him from Dugger?
  4. Rumblings that he needed to go.
  5. I still think it is comical that before the Bloomfield game the next year the sign on the highway in front of EGHS said, "Remember 12-11."
  6. I know there were some rumblings from the locals in regard to Britton during the season, but I heard that before the GCI title. I'm sure they fired up again after the dismal showing in the sectional championship.
  7. How long does it take to get from Montgomery to Indy in a horse and buggy?
  8. Bloomfield Jones? I'm not the username copycat here. The email was sent to the officials association by the new Dugger AD. Two dates in January 2015 and both are a boys/girls varsity doubleheader. Medora and Cannelton are the opponents listed.
  9. Apparently the new Dugger Union high school plans on playing boys and girls games next year. I had an email this morning from the local officials association looking for people to work a couple of games next year.
  10. Congrats to the Eels. It is always nice to have a representative from the SWIAC making noise in the tournament.
  11. Apparently I'm not the only one who has someone else using my screen name.
  12. Neither...I'll be fishing.
  13. I'm not taking anything away from Clay City, but Bloomfield looked out of it from early on. I expected a much better game than it turned out to be.
  14. I'm not sure I'd call Van Sant a stud. He didn't start playing until the game was well out of hand. Apparently he was at the IU/Nebraska game as a recruit. At this point he is no where near a B1G talent, heck I'd say he's not even an MVC talent. He is 6'7", yet wants to camp out around the three-point line...I don't get that. That was the worst performance I've seen out of a Bloomfield team, as far as sectional play goes. They looked unprepared and gave up very early. I was tempted to email Coach Britton and ask for my ticket money back as well as the gas money I spent driving to Switz City.
  15. Didn't see this one listed...