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  1. BNL plays disciplined bball, Princeton does not, that simple.
  2. 5:30 to go 3rd. 20-18 hh Pats up by 4 pts. 3:25 to go 3rd period time out- Hatchets A minute 40 to go 3rd, hh by 4 Washington hanging in the game at the charity stripe, 8 for 8 from the line. 28-26 Heritage Hills leads after three quarters 30-26 early 4th, hatchet TO, Pats with the ball 30-28 hh 5:28 left in regulation, Pats ball Patriots can't buy a free throw, Washington closing the gap Hatchets up 31-30 4:40 left Lead see-sawing back and forth 35-33 hh 3:35 left Washington by 3 pts, less than 2 minutes left. Washington shooting 1 on 1 1:40 to go leading by 1 53 seconds left hh by 1, Wash has the ball and a time out. 20 tics left, Washington misses, Pats have the ball. fouled by wash.. 1st. ft good! 8.2 seconds, HH ft GOOD! lead by three. 41-38 FINAL PATS WIN!!!
  3. HH leads Washington 20-14 halftime. Earlier Jasper over PC 62-53
  4. Pats lead Washington after 1st. q At the half, HH up 20-14
  5. Predictions along with scores anyone?? Here's mine for what their worth: 1A OD 74, Rivet 66 ... Hope I'm wrong, I'm pulling for Rivet 2A Heritage Christian 62, FW Canterbury 56 3A Mater Dei 68, Western 55 4A BNL 63, Penn 51 I'm comfortable with my picks, but I could just as easily go 0-4. All eight teams are capable of winning or they wouldn' t be playing in the championship games.
  6. In 2A Heritage Christian sidelined N. Knox 48-38 Canterbury 79, Tipton 65 ...................................... Should be a close game between Christian and Canterbury. In 3A Mater Dei big over Chatard 73-45 Western 41, Norwell 31 In 4A Penn 44-41 over Logansport Bedford NL 62-54 in ot over Lawrence N. avenging their only loss from earlier this year.
  7. Agreed, OD has probably been the team to beat this year in 1A from the start.. They have a regular season win against the strong 4A Penn team.
  8. Vincennes Rivet 50, Jac-Cen-Del 40... Competitive matchup. Oregon Davis 67, Lafayette Central Catholic 46.... Total mismatch in this one. Any one feel free to add scores and updates throughout the day as they become available.
  9. 78-60 Warriors pound Bosse, what happened to Bosse?? Who knew?
  10. I'm just wondering Dave, if you have the scoring stats for a player from Dale high school from the early sixties, named Amos Lamar? I'm pretty sure he had multiple games of 30+ points scored, and I think he started the varsity for at least three years.
  11. Tyra Buss playing as only a junior at Mt. Carmel high school (member of Indiana's Big Eight Conference) became the youngest player in Illinois history (male or female), to reach the 3000 point plateau. According to, as of Dec, 22 Tyra became the nation's leading scorer for the second time in her hs career. Tyra will also become familiar to Hoosiers in the future, as she is committed to play for Indiana's womens team after graduating from Mt Carmel........ Here's a link telling a little about her basketball past, present and future. Current Illinois rankings :
  12. Final round results: Vincennes Rivet Classic Indianapolis Chatard 64 Linton-Stockton 19 Vincennes Lincoln 54 Pike Central 50 Sullivan 47 Corydon Central 36 Heritage Christian 75 Vincennes Rivet 46 Pike Central 45 Linton-Stockton 35 seventh place Indianapolis Chatard 52 Vincennes Lincoln 51 fifth place Vincennes Rivet 47 Corydon Central 39 third place Sullivan 54 Heritage Christian 50 championship
  13. Mater Dei loses to Columbus North 63-55 tonight in the championship game, and Heritage Christian lost tonight 54-50 to Sullivan in the Rivet Classic. Maybe that anticipated "titan clash" is now reduced to just a "big clash".
  14. 2ND. ROUND Vincennes Rivet Classic: Linton-Stockton vs.Indianapolis Chatard 9:30 AM Vincennes Lincoln 54 Pike Central 50 Sullivan 47 Corydon Central 36 Heritage Christian 75 Vincennes Rivet 46 Pike Central vs.Loser Game 5 3:30 PM Vincennes Lincoln vs.Winner Game 5 5:00 PM Corydon Central vs.Vincennes Rivet 6:30 PM Championship Game: Sullivan Lady Golden Arrows vs .Heritage Christian Lady Eagles 8:00 PM
  15. Answering my own question. .........83-54 MD wins. A nice win over a highly regarded and previously undefeated 4A team.... The Wildcats are for real! Tonight they have Columbus North for the championship. If things keep going as they are for both teams, I see an eventual titan 2A clash in the tournament between Mater Dei and the talented Lady Eagles of Heritage Christian... It's a long way off, but it will probably happen..