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  1. 5:30 to go 3rd. 20-18 hh Pats up by 4 pts. 3:25 to go 3rd period time out- Hatchets A minute 40 to go 3rd, hh by 4 Washington hanging in the game at the charity stripe, 8 for 8 from the line. 28-26 Heritage Hills leads after three quarters 30-26 early 4th, hatchet TO, Pats with the ball 30-28 hh 5:28 left in regulation, Pats ball Patriots can't buy a free throw, Washington closing the gap Hatchets up 31-30 4:40 left Lead see-sawing back and forth 35-33 hh 3:35 left Washington by 3 pts, less than 2 minutes left. Washington shooting 1 on 1 1:40 to go leading by 1 53 seconds left hh by 1, Wash has the ball and a time out. 20 tics left, Washington misses, Pats have the ball. fouled by wash.. 1st. ft good! 8.2 seconds, HH ft GOOD! lead by three. 41-38 FINAL PATS WIN!!!
  2. HH leads Washington 20-14 halftime. Earlier Jasper over PC 62-53
  3. Pats lead Washington after 1st. q At the half, HH up 20-14