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  1. Kenny Schultheis is no longer with Memorial. Was gone by the end of his first year there. Not surprising actually. If he was still there and didn't need a job why in the world would he be interviewing at Pike Central?
  2. Loogootee lost to Barr-Reeve, Forest Park, Orleans and WRV. You might have lost in the first round of the old sectional also. And I doubt you would have gotten through the Regional as Crawford Co. was better than any of those 4 listed. That's the problem with class basketball, you win a "state" championship that is incredibly watered down and people think they're better than they really are. Really does kids a great service when reality slaps them in the face at some point after all the fire truck rides and acclaim that really is overblown. Yes, they work hard. Yes, they're great kids. Yes, they're talented. No, they really weren't that good comparatively speaking.
  3. I love reading the hypocrisy of those complaining about the new success factor but yet loving class basketball. How many great sectionals were destroyed with a 13-5 vote in April, 1996? Who was punished by that crap? All so those who weren't competing at the time could add to their trophy cases. The biggest problem with the IHSAA is now the self centeredness, if that's a word, of each school to vote solely for or against whatever is going to get them the most trophies. The idiots in this state who destroyed the greatest sports treasure we had, the high school basketball tourney, are the same ones who voted in the success factor. Too bad, so sad there Sectional 63. You all voted for this crap now have fun with the possibility of losing a team or two due to such huge success beating up on Shoals, Dubois, and Southwestern Shelby or whomever it takes to be a state champion now.
  4. How does one get outcoached anyway? I'd like specific examples of games where a team lost due to being outcoached and exactly what took place for that opinion to have been formed. What game did Sisley win this year, in his first as a head coach, where he "outcoached" the opposing coach? Same with Goeble?
  5. Yes, that is a brilliant thought. Indy Washington should never have hired Bill Green and the Pacers should never have had Larry Bird on the bench as a head coach. Let's not forget Loogootee hiring Jack Butcher to his first head coaching job......
  6. Nice reporting. 15 years at Bosse? I guess I missed the first 12 he was there.
  7. It's Hein's. Mark it down.
  8. Keep in mind that the IHSAA does not make money from the sectional round. The participating schools divide up the profits. They do get the regional and semi-state round profits though.
  9. I'm not so sure the best answer isn't from our brethren to the south, Kentucky. Have a Class A tourney, or however you want to designate it, at Christmas time or somewhere in there. Go back to one class at the end of the year. Those principals who don't feel they can compete with the best competition available, and that is why we went to class sports, can have their tourney and hoist their trophies mid-season and would have the option of not participating at the end of the year.
  10. Ah, fairness. In the infinite wisdom of the IHSAA and many high school prinicpals and ADs who needed to hoist more trophies we ended up with "this mess." Now, instead of schools like North Knox, South Knox, and Rivet being "screwed" every year having to play at Vincennes, it's schools like Day School, New Harmony, and Cannelton having to go against a schools many times their size, Tecumseh and Wood, getting "screwed" on their floors. Someone please explain, using nothing but logic taking out the emotions, how it's more fair for Tecumseh to win sectionals year after year after year but not Vincennes? If that situation was unfair and was one example of the need for change, why isn't the Tecumseh situation the EXACT same and therefore an example of the need for change? Wait until next year when the Hatchet House sits empty during sectional week and then the complaints will really be flying.......as they should be.
  11. Now that Tecumseh has won the PAC twice running shouldn't the other schools in the conference demand that Tecumseh be placed in their own class within the conference? Those 3A and 2A schools obviously cannot compete with them any longer and deserve a chance to win the conference. Classify the PAC NOW in the name of fairness for God's sake!
  12. Or more likely a parent of a kid who was cut.....
  13. Was this before his career as an actor? You know, he played Wyatt Earp's great-nephew on an episode of Andy Griffith.......
  14. I don't think I'd rely on school board votes to judge any coach. God only knows their motivation for voting for or against someone.
  15. Only if the younger Yarbrough changes his tune about his career goals. And if his wife lets him....