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  1. Indianapolis Howe wins the 2015 Indianapolis City Tournament. University of Evansville commit, Harris Brown averaged 39 points per game throughout the tournament.
  2. The semi finals of the Indianapolis City Tournament feature all four teams from the east side. Tech is actually downtown but it's on the east side of downtown. Good Luck to all teams.
  3. Freeman Ratings: 1. Park Tudor 2. Howe 3. Attucks 4. Scecina 5. Frankton 6. Shortridge 7. Northeastern 8. Mater Dei 9. Lapel 10. Churubusco Sectional 42 has 4 teams ranked among the top 6 in class 2A.
  4. Northeastern and Frankton may be the top two ranked teams in 2A. Based on observations and the outcome of Howe at Lawrence Central and Lawrence Central at Park Tudor, I believe Howe would beat Park Tudor.
  5. Impressive win for Liberty Christian. It's always enjoyable to see a 1A team beat a 4A team.
  6. Northeastern is a solid favorite to repeat as TEC champions. The Knights non conference schedule is impressive and will better prepare Northeastern for the IHSAA tournament. I believe the Connersville Regional will be Northeastern, Attucks, Cloverdale and whoever survives the battle for sectional 42. Northeastern appears capable a deep 2A tournament run.
  7. Speedway would be the favorite with Justin Brent in their line up. Speedway could very well end up winning the 2A state championship without him. The Sparkplugs have already stood toe to toe with the Champions Academy Panthers. Attucks isn't receiving any attention but just imagine how much better they would be if Victor Bush hadn't forced CJ Walker to transfer to Tech. I'm convinced the 2A state champion will emerge from the Connersville Regional. Park Tudor is the favorite, however, the field is more open this season than ever.
  8. Park Tudor presents a challenge in that they have Trevon Bluiett and they play a pretty good 2-3 defense. They've been playing a little man to man this season but they've been strictly 2-3 zone for the previous five years. However, Northeastern has a D1 caliber point guard who can gain penetration at will and he has enough height and leaping ability to finish in heavy traffic. If Northeastern can penetrate and shoot Park Tudor out of their 2-3 zone defense, the Knights are capable of the upset.
  9. Northeastern is capable of competing with any 2A team in the state. Speedway will be a considerable challenge for Northeastern and the Sparkplugs will be the best team the Knights have faced this season. Speedway has the quickness, size and athleticism that no sectional 41 team possesses. Northeastern will need to abandon their 2-3 zone trap defense and not over pursue the ball on the perimeter. The Knights need to play their base 2-3 zone defense and do what they do on the offensive end. Northeastern is talented enough to beat Speedway. Park Tudor is nearly a 20 point favorite against any 2A team in Indiana. I've seen Northeastern two times during the past three weeks and I would rate Northeastern as nearly equal to Scecina and Howe. Park Tudor beat Scecina by 25 points on Saturday night. It would take a monumental game from Northeastern to defeat Park Tudor. However, the Knights have the height, length, athleticism and a D1 caliber point guard to challenge Park Tudor.
  10. Congratulations to the Northeastern Knights
  11. Check your message inbox on this board. I just sent you a message with a link.
  12. There is a huge forum with several thousand members and plenty of Tri Eastern Conference fans. I will send you a message with a link to the website. Northeastern is receiving considerable attention.
  13. Kitchel Cowboys Brownsville Lions College Corner Trojans College corner lies on the boundry points of Union and Franklin counties in Indiana and Preble and Butler counties in Ohio. The half court line of the gymnasium was constructed on the Indiana and Ohio state line border. Half of the court is in Indiana and the other half is in Ohio.
  14. Northeastern is capable of doing some serious damage in the 2A tournament. The Knights have considerable height and length for a 2A team and their freshman point guard has D1 potential. This kid is quick off the dribble and an excellent penetrator and slasher with enough height to finish in heavy traffic. He easily slashes through zone defenses. Northeastern is going to be a load for any 2A team in the tournament.
  15. Back in my day, Richmond was considered a state power but Connersville was the big dog of the Whitewater Valley with single class state championships in 72' and 83'. Tri Eastern Conference teams won the sectional at Spartan Bowl more than once during that era. Some Tri Eastern Conference teams were better than Richmond and Connersville in the late 70's. The 79' Spartan Bowl Sectional Championship featured Cambridge City vs Union County.