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  1. Class 4A State Tournament

    Well even if I am the only person updating information here, it gives me something to do on a Monday afternoon! First, huge shout out to my Warsaw Tigers who advanced to the Final Four this weekend with one of the best basketball games I have ever witnessed in the Regional semi-final victory over South Bend Riley and then took control wire-to-wire in the night cap against Crown Point. Also random note: I have never filled out a high school bracket before. I listed my picks earlier in this thread. Not that I necessarily picked anything too shocking, but I did have 9 of the 16 sectional champions correct, 5 of the 8 regional finalist correct (Warsaw, Homestead, Southport, Reitz and New Albany) and correctly have 3 of the 4 regional champions (Warsaw, Southport and New Albany). I'll go ahead and pat myself on the back Since I attended Warsaw's games, I'll recap: The regional semi-final match up between 23-1 Warsaw and 22-5 South Bend Riley was amazing (outside of the TERRIBLE officiating for both sides). Warsaw won the game 79-74 in double overtime. Senior point guard Paul Marandet had a career high 37 points, including going 21 for 21 from the free throw line! Junior guard (should be a Junior All Star Kyle Mangas added 26 points for Warsaw as they combined for 65 of Warsaw's 79 points. Riley opened the game up on a 13-2 run, then led 17-7 after the 1st quarter. Warsaw inched closer in the 2nd quarter, but still trailed 27-23 at halftime and trailed again after the 3rd quarter 42-37. Warsaw finally took it's first lead of the game 48-46 with 3:30 left in the 4th quarter, and from then on out it was back and back and forth. I can't say enough good things about South Bend Riley. They shot 11 for 25 from 3 point range (and in regulation seemed to ALWAYS hit a 3 right after Warsaw would make a play to decrease the lead). Even though the Wildcats will lose superb senior Reontre Lawrence, I would peg Riley as one of the 4A North favorites for next year. Junior point guard Maurice Scott (Skylar Diggins brother) is a heck of a player and 6-6 sophomore Damezi Anderson is a bonafide D1 recruit. Back to the terrible officiating, both teams had 6 fouls called on them a piece in the FIRST QUARTER. Riley ended up with 34 fouls in the game while Warsaw had 18 (it sure felt like it was more than that). It was truly unfortunate that the officials didn't let both of these teams play. With all the whistles added to the two overtimes... felt like one of the longest games I've ever witnessed. In the regional championship game, Warsaw never trailed as they opened the game on a 10-2 run. Marandet scored all 10 of those points for the Tigers and finished with 18 points. On the day, he finished with 55 points and went 28 for 29 from the free throw line in the two wins. Kyle Mangas (held scoreless in the 1st half) then opened up the second half by scoring Warsaw's first 11 point of the 2nd half and also finished with 18 points. Both contributed on the defensive end as well where they held IU-bound Grant Gelon to only 9 points on 3-11 shooting from the field. All 9 of his points came in the 4th quarter when the outcome was basically decided. Leading scorer junior Sasha Stefanovic only had 3 points as Warsaw held Crown Point to 12-47 (25%) from the field and a horrific 4-27 (15%) from 3-point range. Warsaw had a 32-19 rebounding margin.
  2. Class 4A State Tournament

    Warsaw and South Bend Riley did not play each other this year, however, they do share 10 common opponents up to this point. Warsaw went 11-0 against them (twice defeated Elkhart Central). South Bend Riley went 10-2 (twice defeated both LaPorte and Plymouth). The two teams South Bend Riley lost to of the shared common opponents were a 46-56 loss to Columbia City who Warsaw defeated 52-52 in 2OT and a 74-77 loss to Mishawaka Marian who Warsaw defeated 47-38 in OT. South Bend Riley's lowest point total of the season was 46 in their loss to Columbia City. They scored 50+ points in the rest of their 26 games, including 16 times going for 70+. Warsaw's high point total given up on defense for the season was 53 in their overtime victory over Fort Wayne Northrop. They have held 16 of their 24 opponents to under 40 ppg and only allowed 3 teams (Columbia City 51 in 2OT, Homestead 50, and FW Northrop 53 in OT) to score 50+ on them in the season. What a clash of matchups that game should be! Warsaw had 7 sectional champions on their schedule, going 6-1 against them. They defeated Columbia City, Homestead, Triton, Mishawaka Marian, Northwood and FW Carroll with their only loss of the season to Carmel. SB Riley had 2 sectional champions on their schedule, going 0-2 against them. They lost to Columbia City and Mishawaka Marian.
  3. Class 4A State Tournament

    Now, posting more specifically about my Tigers, their regional should be interesting. Warsaw has one of the best scoring defenses in the state, only giving up 38.4 ppg while all the other teams score 63+ ppg. Here are the stats all compared: Team Record O D Margin Warsaw 23-1 52.0 38.4 + 13.6 SB Riley 22-5 72.3 60.7 + 11.6 East Chicago Central 18-5 68.5 63.3 + 5.2 Crown Point 18-8 63.6 56.0 + 7.6 Using the Sagarin ratings from the end of the season, Warsaw is an 8.31 point favorite over SB Riley and Crown Point is a 3.02 point favorite over ECC. Warsaw would be a 3.58 point favorite over Crown Point. My predictions: Warsaw 58 - 50 South Bend Riley Crown Point 67 - 64 East Chicago Central Warsaw 50 - 45 Crown Point
  4. Class 4A State Tournament

    Some more interesting things of note: 9 of the 16 sectional champions were the "favorites" to win according to John Harrell's site. Of the 5 who weren't favorites, they were the "second pick" according to his site. Sectional 1: East Chicago Central 60.5% Sectional 2: Merrillville 49.5%, Crown Point 17.8% Sectional 3: South Bend Washington 35.6%, South Bend Riley 33.3% Sectional 4: Warsaw 80.3% Sectional 5: FW North 44.7%, FW Carroll 40.1% Sectional 6: Homestead 38.4% Sectional 7: McCutcheon 37.6% Sectional 8: Carmel 29.2% Sectional 9: Mount Vernon 49.3%, Connersville 26.9% Sectional 10: Lawrence North 36.5%, North Central 27.8% Sectional 11: Southport 32.9% Sectional 12: Terre Haute South 40.2% Sectional 13: Franklin Central 48.8% Sectional 14: Bloomington South 79.0% Sectional 15: New Albany 76.2% Sectional 16: Evansville Reitz 47.4%
  5. Class 4A State Tournament

    Just throwing some interesting facts out there about the final "sweet" sixteen teams remaining in the 4A tournament. *Of the 16 teams remaining, 10 are repeats from last year, including the entire Logansport and Seymour regionals. The 10 returning teams are: - Crown Point and South Bend Riley in the Michigan City regional (who played in the regional championship last year) - Fort Wayne Carroll, Homestead, McCutcheon and Carmel in the Logansport regional (exact rematches from last year. Homestead defeated Carroll, Carmel defeated McCutcheon and then Homestead won the regional over Carmel) - The entire four team field in the Southport regional is new (last year had Richmond, Brownsburg, Pike and Lawrence North) - New Albany, Evansville Reitz, Bloomington South and Franklin Central in the Seymour regional (different matchups this year. Last year, Franklin Central defeated Bloomington South and Reitz defeated New Albany before Reitz defeated Franklin Central in the regional championship) 3 of the 4 defending regional champions are still alive in South Bend Riley, Homestead and Evansville Reitz. Interestingly enough, NONE are the favorites according to John Harrell's website. Chances of winning regionals: Michigan City - Warsaw 43.9% , East Chicago Central 24.6%, Crown Point 20.1%, South Bend Riley 11.5% Logansport - McCutcheon 28.2%, FW Carroll 27.8%, Carmel 26.1%, Homestead 17.9% Southport - North Central 49.3%, Southport 40.9%, Terre Haute South 5.2%, Connersville 4.6% Seymour - New Albany 37.1%, Evansville Reitz 21.7%, Bloomington South 21.0%, Franklin Central 20.3% Original State Picks compared to now: New Albany - 11.7% 10.5% Warsaw - 10.4% 9.1% North Central - 7.8% 23.7% Bloomington South - 6.7% 4.0% Southport - 5.5% 15.9% McCutcheon - 3.9% 6.9% FW Carroll - 3.9% 6.3% None of the other teams left were in the "original" state picks. Last year results from the teams that are repeats: Michigan City Regional Championship South Bend Riley 77 - 74 Crown Point Logansport Regional Homestead 59 - 57 Fort Wayne Carroll Carmel 60 - 44 McCutcheon Homestead 41 - 37 Carmel Seymour Regional Evansville Reitz 64 - 59 New Albany Franklin Central 52 - 50 Bloomington South Evansville Retiz 83 - 69 Franklin Central The Michigan City Regional features the same four teams from the 2008 regional. Those results: East Chicago Central 52 - 37 Crown Point South Bend Riley 44 - 41 Warsaw South Bend Riley 61 - East Chicago Central 60
  6. Class 4A State Tournament

    Nothing truly of note from the games last night. I believe most, if not ALL, of the "Sagarin favorites" won their games. It did take Carmel two extra periods to put away Noblesville 42-36 in 2OT. Reading on the game, Noblesville held the ball for almost 11 1/2 minutes in the 4th quarter and first overtime. This is the second time in MY recent history of this tactic that the team trying to hold the ball ended up losing. Same thing happened the last week of the regular season when Carroll held the ball for around 5 minutes in the 4th quarter before losing to Warsaw late. While I can somewhat understand the tactic, you still have to put the ball in the bucket to score points and win the game.
  7. Class 4A State Tournament

    Not a HUGE shocker, but #2 AP and #9 Sagarin rated 22-1 Merrillville lost to Valparaiso last night in the first round 66-59 in overtime. Valpo is a good squad at 19-6 now, and they played Merrillville close on the road in their regular season matchup, a game won by the Pirates 75-71. Has to be hard for Merrillville players and coaches after going 22-1 in the regular season, only to be out the first round. Hopeful my Tigers don't suffer the same outcome Friday night against Penn and former Tiger coaching legend Al Rhodes. Should be an exciting atmosphere in Elkhart Friday night!
  8. Class 4A State Tournament

    Should be an excellent and exciting 4A Tournament! I'd argue Merrillville, Warsaw, Homestead, Carmel, McCutcheon, FW Carroll, FW North and SB Riley could ALL potentially represent the northern part of the state, while Southport, Lawrence North, Lawrence Central, North Central, Evansville Reitz, New Albany and Bloomington South could ALL potentially represent the southern part of the state. Here's my shot in the dark at predictions: Sectional 1: Lowell over East Chicago Central Sectional 2: Merrillville over Crown Point Sectional 3: SB Washington over SB Riley Sectional 4: Warsaw over Elkhart Central Sectional 5: FW North over FW Carroll Sectional 6: Homestead over FW South Sectional 7: McCutcheon over Zionsville Sectional 8: Carmel over Guerin Catholic Sectional 9: Mt. Vernon over Connersville Sectional 10: Lawrence North over North Central Sectional 11: Southport over Ben Davis Sectional 12: Terre Haute North over Terre Haute South Sectional 13: Franklin Central over Franklin Sectional 14: Bloomington South over Columbus East Sectional 15: New Albany over Jeffersonville Sectional 16: Evansville Reitz over Castle Michigan City Regional - Sweet 16 Lowell over Merrillville Warsaw over SB Washington Elite 8 Warsaw over Lowell Logansport Regional - Sweet 16 Homestead over FW North Carmel over McCutcheon Elite 8 Carmel over Homestead Southport Regional - Sweet 16 Southport over Mt. Vernon Lawrence North over Terre Haute North Elite 8 Southport over Lawrence North Seymour Regional - Sweet 16 Evansville Reitz over Franklin Central New Albany over Bloomington South Elite 8 New Albany over Evansville Reitz North Semi-State - Final Four Warsaw over Carmel South Semi-State - Final Four Southport over New Albany State Championship Warsaw over Southport Of course I'm biased in this! Hard not to pick my Tigers when they just finished with their best regular season record of 21-1. I do have some "upsets" in there that I am honestly not 100% on, but I do think Lowell is a team to watch from sectional 1 after they already own a victory over East Chicago Central and only lost by 5 points AT Merrillville about a month ago. SB Washington/SB Riley is a toss up in that sectional IMO. Plymouth could be interesting just because they host the sectional. I think Homestead is a team that is playing extremely well right now and would beat either FW North or FW Carroll in a sweet 16 matchup at Logansport. Carmel is a little bit of a wild card with their 14-8 record, but they have played arguably one of the most difficult schedules in the state, and I have a biased wish here that the Tigers could avenge their only loss to them in the Semi-State game . Honestly, my picks from the south are all based off looking at rankings, reading stories here and there on the teams. I'm biased towards Southport as they get to host both their sectional and regional. However, of the teams from sectionals 10 and 11, Southport, Pike, Ben Davis, Tech, Lawrence Central, Lawrence North, North Central, Cathedral and Warren Central could ALL potentially be the Southport Regional champion IMO. Those are some LOADED sectionals. Evansville Reitz and Bloomington South should be good challenges to New Albany and either could upset the Bulldogs, while New Albany very well could run the table and be the 4A State Champions. Good luck to all teams in the state!
  9. After losing their bid for a perfect season on a buzzer beater last Saturday to Carmel on senior night, the Tigers returned the favor to Chargers on their senior night, coming back from a 5 point deficit in the 4th quarter to escape Fort Wayne with a 32-29 victory. Even though Warsaw has been a strong defensive team all season, if you're shocked at that low score, I'll fill you in on how it occurred. After Warsaw led 17-15 at halftime, Carroll won the 3rd quarter 14-7 and took a 29-24 lead heading into the 4th quarter. Ross Johnson hit a 3-pointer for Warsaw on their first possession of the quarter and cut their deficit to 2 points... and then the Chargers decided to HOLD THE BALL for roughly FIVE MINUTES. Literally, Arius Jones held the ball for two full minutes and then it was another three minutes or so of passing and timeouts by Fort Wayne Carroll. Kudos to the Tigers and Coach Doug Ogle who were perfectly content allowing the Chargers to shorten the game. About 3 minutes or so into that possession, the Tigers started to trap the ball and forced the Chargers into continuously dribbling and passing and calling timeouts. For Warsaw, their defense is their STRENGTH and they showed it when Carroll finally made an ill-advised pass that junior Jeremy David (an outstanding Tight End for the Tiger football team) snagged a steal on the pass. Junior guard Kyle Mangas (Warsaw's leading scorer) converted a three point play with just under a minute left in the game to give Warsaw a 30-29 lead. Senior guard Paul Marandet (arguably Warsaw's best defender) came up with a steal with about 8 seconds to go on the game clock and the Tigers were able to make 3 consecutive inbounds passes successfully while being fouled. Once they were in the bonus, Kyle Mangas his both end of the one-and-one with 2 seconds left on the clock and Carroll threw the ball away before getting a final shot off. Not only did Carroll not score a point in the 4th quarter, they never even attempted a SHOT! Granted, they chose to hold the ball for minutes, but the Tiger defense never fell asleep and allowed any cheap, easy buckets that could be easy to do when the opposing team is just standing around with the ball. Kyle Mangas finished with 18 points going 6/11 from the field including 3/5 from 3-point range and was 3/3 at the free throw line. Paul Marandet finished with 9 points and 4 assists. I have to admit, even though Warsaw did an outstanding job to stay focused, it feels like Carroll absolutely lost that game. Strange decision IMO for them to hold the ball for so long with only a 2 point lead, especially after they just had a strong 3rd quarter showing and outscoring the Tigers 14-7. Kyle Mallers is a heck of a player and he really started heating up in that 3rd quarter along with Jacob Redding. Carroll's coach was playing NOT TO LOSE instead of playing to win the ball game, again, IMO. Glad their strategy backfired on them and that Warsaw was able to prove they could overcome the situation. Great win heading into sectional play.
  10. On Saturday night, the Carmel Greyhounds visited the Tiger Den for their first trip to Warsaw and came away with a 36-33 victory following a tough, fade away jumper (refs counted it as a 3 pointer, but from multiple videos I've seen from various people's phones it was clearly a 2 pointer) by Greyhound junior guard Sterling Brown at the buzzer. It was an AMAZING shot by him with Tiger defender Kyle Mangas right in his face. What a great memory for that kid to keep for the rest of his life. The atmosphere was amazing, a nearly packed gym and many of the Carmel fans made positive comments I overheard before, during and after the game. I'm glad they enjoyed their trip up to Warsaw. You could see it in the Carmel players' faces as well before tip off, they loved the buzz in the gym. Junior guard Kyle Mangas (who's step back 3 pointer with about 35 seconds left in the game tied it up 33-33) led all scorers with 20 points on the night, although he had ZERO free throw attempts. Senior guard Paul Marandet had 8 points. The Greyhounds beat the Tigers at their own game, out rebounding Warsaw 17-14, including 8 offensive rebounds. They also forced Warsaw into 10 turnovers as well and Carmel went 9/10 at the line while Warsaw was 7/8. Not that I want to give everyone in the state a blueprint on how to beat Warsaw, but the Tigers get outrebounded and outscored at the free throw line, their competitors will have a good shot at victory. I had no idea about this stat until after the game, but prior to Saturday night, Warsaw had outscored its opponents 280-144 at the free throw line through the first 20 games of the season. Even though the loss ends the Tigers bid for an undefeated regular season, I think there are many positives to take away from this game. First, perhaps the Tigers will learn from their tough loss while also have the pressure removed from their shoulders of trying to stay undefeated. I don't think that specifically weighed on any of the players, but the loss truly means NOTHING in the grand scheme of things. Warsaw has already won their conference title, and now with a good draw, received a first round bye for sectionals. That's their next goal, and it is still attainable. Also, Carmel may be 13-8, but according to Jeff Sagarin's ratings play the 4th toughest schedule in Indiana. There's no reason, in my opinion, for anyone to doubt that the Tigers can play with any team in the state. That's a huge benefit from this game. Warsaw ends the regular season this Friday night at Fort Wayne Carroll who lost back to back games this weekend against Homestead and at North Central. Should be a great regular season wrap up for both teams looking to get back on a winning path.
  11. Warsaw moves to 20-0

    Warsaw defeated Hamilton Southeastern 60-40 at home in the Tiger Den Saturday night. This moved Warsaw's record to 20-0 on the season, and they used the same blueprint that they have all season. Junior guard Kyle Mangas has 23 points while senior guard Paul Marandet added 17 points. I am sure an argument can be made about who the best guard duo is in the state, but I have no issues putting my biased opinion in that of Mangas and Marandet's corner. These two guys are terrific ball players and it has been fun to see them mature and transform this year into the duo they are today. Again, the Tiger Defense stepped up in a big way in the second half. After leading 19-17 at halftime, Warsaw outscored HSE 41-23 in the second half, including a strong third quarter performance that saw Warsaw outscore the Royals 14-3. Overall for the game, the Tigers only had five turnovers and out rebounded HSE 30-19. Unfortunate that Royal junior forward Zach Gunn (18.5 ppg and D1 offers from IU and Butler) along with 2 other starters that were out due to injury or illness. Still an impressive performance overall and solid win for the Tigers. Warsaw host Carmel this Saturday night in the Tiger Den for their home finale before finishing at Fort Wayne Carroll on Friday February 26th.
  12. Warsaw wins 46-30 to move to 19-0 on the year and a second consecutive undefeated season in the Northern Lakes Conference. It's Warsaw's first back-to-back NLC titles since 2010 and 2011 and the first time since Warsaw has gone undefeated in league play in two consecutive seasons since 1994 and 1995 and they are the first NLC team to put back-to-back 7-0 seasons since the league extended to 8 teams with the addition of Elkhart Memorial in the 2000-2001 seasons. Junior guard Kyle Mangas scored 20 points (14 in the second half) and senior guard Paul Marandet scored 16 (14 in the first half) as the Tiger defense showed it's teeth in the 2nd and 3rd quarters. After falling behind 14-10 in the 1st quarter, Warsaw only allowed Plymouth to score 5 points combined in the 2nd and 3rd quarters. In fact, Plymouth did not score a field goal over a stretch of 12 minutes and 30 seconds from late in the first quarter until about halfway through the third quarter. Warsaw held Plymouth leading scoring senior Josh Anders (16 ppg) to just 8 points (5 of which were scored in the 4th quarter with the game well in hand at that point). As a team, the Pilgrims were averaging 57 points per game as Warsaw held them to a season low total. Warsaw host Hamilton Southeastern tonight in the what I believe is the Royals first visit to the Tiger Den. Should be a great atmosphere yet again tonight!
  13. Lower level records

    The Warsaw JV team is 14-4 this season. I believe they are 6-0 in the conference. The Warsaw Freshman team went 18-1 and 7-0 in the NLC with their conference tournament upcoming this Saturday. The Edgewood Middle School 8th Grade team went 20-2 this year and defeated Wawasee 57-35 in the NorthEast Lakes Middle School Conference (NELMSC) championship game. I do not have any info on the 7th grade team or how Lakeview Middle School's seasons went. Pretty impressive to see the Varsity at 18-0, JV at 14-4 and Freshman team at 18-1! An overall record of 50-5 walking around the high school? WOW!
  14. As a side note, with Tipton's loss last night to Eastern (Greentown), Warsaw is the final remaining undefeated team in the state of Indiana! Although it means nothing, that is quite the accomplishment in my books for the Tigers. Using Jeff Sagarin's ratings, he would agree! The "overall" rating equation has Warsaw winning by 16.4 points while the "recent" rating equation has Warsaw winning by 18.8 points. I haven't seen Plymouth play this year, but just comparing their schedule to Warsaw's, it doesn't look nearly as impressive. However, it is a rivalry game and anything can happen! For that fact alone I'm glad it's being played in the Tiger Den. Interesting enough, looking at the final 3 games for Warsaw's schedule, the "overall" rating equation has them as a 5.7 point favorite over HSE (9.1 point favorite using the "recent" rating), a 0.8 point favorite over Carmel (4.1 point favorite using the "recent" rating) and a 3.8 point underdog to Fort Wayne Carroll (1.1 point underdog using the "recent" rating). Like I've said, these final 4 games should be a great warm up for the team heading into sectionals.
  15. Per "Eye of the Tiger" article and WCHS Athletic Director Dave Anson - PLYMOUTH AND WARSAW SET FOR SHOWDOWN FRIDAY It has been several years since the matchup between Plymouth and unbeaten Warsaw has been staged on a Friday night. For a stretch, the boys basketball game between these two programs has been held on Thursdays due to Northern Lakes Conference scheduling rotations. Not only with the upcoming matchup in the Tiger Den on Friday night place the contest on a night where more fans can be in attendance, with both teams shooting for a conference title it's only fitting for this game to be set in prime time. Warsaw enters with the state's No. 4 ranking in class 4A. Coach Doug Ogles' team enters the contest with an unblemished mark of 18-0 overall and 6-0 in conference play. The Tigers' string of wins to start the season is the best start in school history. Plymouth enters the contest 14-4 and 5-1 in NLC play, and the Pilgrims are looking for a share of the conference. Combined with a NorthWood win on Friday night, should Plymouth also win it would force a three-way tie in the conference standings. Plymouth has won nine of its last 10 after a 3-game skid in mid-December.