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  1. As far as me not knowing my basketball, FALSE. I can say with relative certainty that I've seen more of these guys, and teams play this season than you the self proclaimed expert. Again, Logan Jones was a decent athlete, with awful sportsmanship. Ask any player, coach, official, or teammate he came in contact with. His skills alone could not overcome this to be recognized with this honor. Goff, sounds like a tremendous example of what an Indiana All-Star should NOT be from the little I've read here...Going to JUCO because he is lazy in the classroom. As for Hart, I agree. He's a super athlete. He had a great North/South game scoring 26. Grimsley was second in scoring on that team. And his sectional title is impressive, but facts are facts, and the fact is Grimsley won 3 and 2 regionals (1 over Hart and Beech Grove this season) Grimsley over Hayward would cause riots. You can't be serious here. over Stigall is questionable considering what Chase did this yr and the fact he committed to Butler There were no riots this season when Grimsley scored 34 to lead Batesville to victory over Hayward (12pts) and Brownsburg while capturing the Circle City Challenge of Champions MVP honors. And your second comment here completely confirms my theory on the college making the player seem better than he really is. And obviously you're drinking the Kool-Aid as well. As for the knock-up jobs that pick this team... Pete Smith who coaches in INDY at Guerin Catholic, probably has little time to scout prospects with any kind of regularity during basketball season, must rely on help from Gary Donna who is a legend in his own mind. While I think Gary knows something about the game of basketball, even he can't be everywhere. So maybe buying enough adds in Hoosier Basketball Magazine might just get you some good press with him. I can tell you for a FACT that these two did not see ATLEAST 9 games Batesville played this season.
  2. In response to your first dumbass comment: Grimsley is muich more deserving than Logan Jones, hands down. He is probably not as athletic as Hart, but much more skilled in his overall game (inside, outside, ball handling, rebounding, and passing). 3rd, who is Robert Goff? Secondly, He is a SF/PF he could easily have taken the place of Stigall, Young, or Hayward in my opinion. Thirdly, Mr. POY's PPG average doesn't exactly blow out Grimsley in that department. 18.8 > 18.6 (that's 4th grade baby) Lastly, I have seen all but one of these kids play (Novak) in at least 1 game, and with some as many as 6. Don't tell me I don't have a foot to stand on in my opinions. I do not have the luxury of living in the hotbed of talent that you call home, but at the same time they do pave roads in Batesville and we do have access to the interstate system. I've seen more than enough basketball to base my statements on. I DO think this has something to do with his location. Being 60+ miles outside of Indy (the nearest in-state major city) he lacks the media coverage of someone from the city. Another key factor is that he choose to commit to a program until after his senior year. I would guarantee that if his or profile had said committed to Kent State before he started this year, the name recognition alone would make an average basketball fan think he's got the skill set to be a top high school player. I'm not trying to say the college makes the player, but I think it's reassuring to a voter to see that. "He's got to be going to NC State for a reason right?"..."They wouldn't sign this kid to Butler if he was a bust". My point is that, you can slice it and dice it all you want to. Alex had a fine career, he will continue to do this at the next level, but at a certain point the kid deserves a little recognition. PERIOD
  3. I guess if being the 2 time conference MVP, 3 Time sectional winner, 2 time regional winner, Jr. All Star, Circle City Challenge of Champions MVP, All Hall of Fame Classic Team, and compiling a 77-21 career record, Colt Ryan should probably wrestle next winter. Because baring a much heavier earthquake Batesville is not getting any closer to the Indianapolis area which is apparently a breeding grounds for talent.
  4. Allow me to state the obvious. Alex Grimsley not making the team is a crock of $hit
  5. He went to Arizona between IU and Iowa.
  6. 20 games and 1 tournament -or- 18 games and 2 tournaments the hall of fame classic is exempt from this rule
  7. This is a moot point. You asked your question, and got your answer. Any further talk about it would be just uneducated speculation and rumor.
  8. Game #1 – Batesville vs. Hauser Game #2 – Roncalli vs. Greenwood Game #3 – Warren Central vs. North Central Game #4 – Hamilton Southeastern vs. Carmel Game #5 – Lawrence North vs. Center Grove
  9. I'll take a no-charge arc like the NBA has. Make it happen
  10. I saw the highlight of this one during halftime of the Duke/Temple game tongiht, so I switched over to see him play. He dwarfed Hansborough and really effected what the Tar Heels wanted to do in the post. However he is not very mobile so they were at a disadvantage when Carolina got the ball out and ran on them in transition. But still he was certainly something to see.
  11. a couple good ones I will see/would like to see The Hall of Fame Classic (Batesville, Edgewood, Marion, and New Albany) very high powered The North Central Tournament (North Central, Castle, East Chicago Cenral, and and Ohio Bowling Green team) The LaPorte Tournament (East Cental, Warren Central, LaPorte and New Prairie) The Shelby Shootout (Rushville, Shelbyville, Roncalli, and Heritage Christian)
  12. I'm always there...wouldn't miss it.
  13. The Batesville/East Central game will be made up Wednesday @ East Central
  14. Franklin County vs. Greensburg Batesville vs. East Central not sure of make-up dates yet...
  15. Warren Central Washington Fort Wayne Dwenger Muncie Central Frankton Batesville Ben Davis Carmel Evansville Reitz Cathedral 144