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  1. No I don't. Ridge said in the paper he got accepted to law school
  2. Scott Ridge resigned this week. South returns 4 starters, including 2 all-state candidates. They also will have a pretty good sophomore back who missed all of last year with a knee injury. They should be a top 10 team next season. It will be interesting to see what direction they go in.
  3. Souths up 55-39 at half. Minnett has 30
  4. Minnett went out with about 4 minutes left in the first quarter and came back with about 4 left in second.If you're going to try and insult the South fans, maybe you should be correct in doing so. It's not a Mexican flag, it's an Italian flag that they wave when the Italian Foreign Exchange student comes in. Nice try though. Maybe Souths run had something to do with they're defense like Lintons affected Souths shots in the first half. Lintons a decent team. I think South beats them 10/10 times though.
  5. Unless there is 2 of them, Meurer played. Was 0-3 from the field. I've not heard or read anything about Linton missing any starters yesterday and I sat in there section. Nothing in the paper either.
  6. My observation from the other side is South missed a lot of shots in the first half they normally make and once they started hitting, it was no contest. -Minnett was out the majority of the first half with foul trouble -Not sure about not being able to press. Linton had 19 turnovers and the press wore them out -Lintons guards can't go left -Washington is just a Sophomore. He does a lot of things right. Needs to improve his shot but he didn't play horrible yesterday -Lintons go to play is to lower a shoulder or forearm when trapped and then their fans want a foul called. Very unbecoming an up and coming program
  7. Moving in next door to Dexter Shouse
  8. The best comeback I've ever seen happened in 1995 I believe. Terre Haute North was ranked top 5 maybe and Indianapolis Washington was 1-2, I don't remember. Washington had a 17 point lead with about 3-4 minutes left and North came back and won in 2 overtimes.
  9. South came back and handled North fairly easily on Friday. Then South went on the road Saturday and beat Guerin Catholic by double digits. Minnett had 31pts, 5rbs, and 4 assists. He hit 9-12 3's. They've won 3/4 since the classic, only losing at Reitz and they were only down 3 going into the 4th. North lost a heartbreaker last night by 1 at Martinsville.
  10. Pretty good game. THN played very well in this tournament and they look improved, I think. They lost to a down Plainfield team right before this tournament so I'm not sure if that was just a bad game or did they just catch lightning in a bottle for 4 games. As for South, they missed to many easy shots and I'm not sure why they didn't trap earlier in the game. North struggled with pressure.
  11. They're small for sure, but they are very quick. I'm wondering if some guys missed the scrimmage. They did get blown out at Columbus North, who is one of the favorites in 4A, but South had a halftime lead and played with them the first half. I watched the game and South lost their legs and CN is very, very good. South is a year or 2 away still. The 2 best players are a freshman and sophomore and the JV is pretty good. As far as the schedule, the MIC was a meat grinder, but now they get to play the Bloomingtin schools, CN, and Southport who is ranked #1 in 4A. Add in Ev. Reitz(ranked in top 10), Ben Davis, and Guerin Catholic and it's not much drop off.
  12. Terre Haute North beats Cloverdale by 8-9. It wasn't a blowout, but North controlled the game throughout. That was the first time I've seen North this year and they looked much improved over last year. Cloverdale's offense is a couple guys dribbling around and shooting up a crazy shot. THN's Braxton Poore shut Neese down. He was 1-11 or something like that. I'm feeling real good about my North-South pick.
  13. South got blown out last night at #5 Columbis North. Lost by 25 or so after having a halftime lead! CN is really good and I think South lost their legs after playing a rivalry game Friday and traveling to Columbus. Washington did not play but they said MRI was negative and its a bone bruise. However, he's questionable for the classic
  14. They said it may just be a bruise, but he has to be evaluated which is never a good sign
  15. Terre Haute South beat West Vigo tonight by 19. Minnett was in foul trouble all night. He had 2 with 6 minutes left in the first quarter. South didn't play great. Also, worse news is that Washington was carried off the court with a knee injury in the 3rd quarter. I will still pick South to win the Classic if he's out, but it will definitely be tougher.