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  1. Munster had a one loss JV team and an undefeated Freshman team. (That goes along with their Varsity being undefeated so far this year.)
  2. Goshen Concord final game in my eyes as well!
  3. Kouts wins tonight over LaCrosse 88-45. Cody Nelson with 28, Andrew Birky had 16 on Senior Night! Kouts is 19-2 now and wins their 3rd straight round robin PCC title! Gary 21st Century comes to town on Wednesday, hopefully Coach Gaff has his boys prepared, because G21st has the athletes to make a deep postseason run. Go Stangs!
  4. Here's the video of the buzzer beater that I found on YT!
  5. Yes Keg is back in Kouts. Wish Kouts played a better schedule though. Team up north on 49 wearing the green and white should take some notice and put this solid program on schedule. I don't think it helps that certain team in green and white to play Boone Grove every year and win by 30+. Put the gold and black Stangs on the schedule and take the ride down 49 to Kouts and play in a hostile environment. Really upsets me that Kouts has never played a 4A school in the class bball years. They could play schools like the one I mentioned, CP, LP, Portage, Chesterton, etc. Kouts has been 55-9 so far in the last 3 years. Go Kouts!!
  6. Problem for Kouts is that they don't play Jake Bekeyla, their best defender on the team, enough to give other guys a break like Nick Taylor and Cody Nelson. (Bekelya is Valpo move in from a few years back, that's where he learned his defensive skills, they don't teach enough defense at Kouts) They also need to work the ball into Andrew Birky who averages 13.6 ppg and 10 rpg, and his pts mainly come off boards. Everaert is a flat out ball hog who needs to learn to pass the ball and stop leaning into contact and just get the layup. Birky was held to 3 pts vs. Pioneer all on free throws. Kouts is still a dangerous team, it's just a matter of team defense, free throw shooting (they shot 11-26 at West Central), and ball movement. When they play well, they can be really good, but when it gets bad, it is terrible. Coach Gaff also needs to learn how to call a timeout when another team is making a big run, he never does it, so then his players keep making mistakes and don't get a breather while the other team makes a big run. This happened in both Boone Grove games, luckily Kouts pulled off wins in those games. Kouts will win their sectional, they will have the home crowd, and Gary 21st will be undisciplined, which I think gives Kouts the sectional. As for Pioneer, Skaggs is an all out gamer. Many 30+ pts nights for him. They will make some noise come post season time.
  7. Kouts will win boys tourney over Hanover Central!!
  8. Yeah, Stangs pick up the 90-64 win over NJ!!! Everaert had 28 and Birky had 22 along with 13 boards, while Stewart had 18 as well for the Stangs. Stinks for the Jays that Caston Sanchez isn't playing this year. He could've made a difference this year. Finally, Kouts knocks off NJ!!!!!
  9. Wouldn't it make sense for NJSP to play their former coach's team, the Plymouth Pilgrims. Short distance and the Pilgrims have some good talent like 6'9 Mack Mercer who has a lot of D1 interest.
  10. I say Kouts beats NJ 75-57. Birky cleans up the boards well for the Stangs and gets easy buckets from offensive boards, Everaert is aggressive and gets to the foul line often. Nelson has improved his ball handling and he is a quality scoring option when he's not turning the ball over. Stewart is much better this year, finishing baskets, and cleaning up the boards. Cole Van Dyke has played tough while he's been in the game. Taylor is a quality 4 year veteran on varsity and he has played well all 4 years. NJ will not have the fire power that Kouts has. (Also, I find it strange that Tim Stasiek has played pretty well on varsity for the Jays this year, considering he did not play in middle school or in 9th grade at TJ Middle School and Valpo High School. He played intramurals in middle school. How could he not play in MS or 9th grade and move to North Judson and play well on JV last year and now play tough for the Jays this year?)
  11. I was wrong, Kouts lost to a much better team last night, but the Stangs and Panthers could meet in the Regional.
  12. I think Carter Skaggs is Pat Skaggs' son at Pioneer as well.
  13. Valpo will play NJSP next year after the DAC double round robin is over. That game will be January 4th, 2014 at NJSP and the series will continue until at least 2016-17.
  14. Collin Walker plays for Westville under his dad Rob Walker. Obviously Jacob Shabi plays at NJSP for his dad Phil Shabi.
  15. I went to the Kouts vs. South Central game in Northwest Indiana and Kouts defended the Keg trophy with a 49-40 win over SC. SC did something I've never seen before, they held the ball the entire 3rd quarter and neither team scored in the 3rd, and this was when SC was down 31-19. Puzzling, but the Mustangs get the win, so I'm happy!!