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  1. test topic

    looks that way
  2. Coaching openings 2016-17

    Any updates or estimated timeline for Wood Memorial and/or Tell City.
  3. Per Zane Clodfelter Twitter Nate Hawkins was named new Heritage Hills head coach. Coach Hawkins had a record of 64-26 in 3½ seasons at Forest Park.
  4. Coaching openings 2016-17

    Yeah I heard the same 4 just didn't mention the other 2 because they were still employed by other schools. The Hancock County guy is a 1987 grad f Heritage Hills.
  5. Coaching openings 2016-17

    Three names were mentioned on Hickory Husker for HH Nate Hawkins, Jamie Hudson who was at Bedford and a 3rd guy coaching at another school. I would be happy with any of the three. Wishing my weekend away but can't wait until Monday to find out who our new coach is.
  6. Coaching openings 2016-17

    this is second hand but someone told me today they heard from a reliable source that there was a lot of interest in the HH position and they had 4 Varsity coaches apply.
  7. Coaching openings 2016-17

    Nothing at the last school board meeting so I'm guessing the new coach at Heritage Hills will be announced at the May 23rd meeting which is the final board meeting before the end of school. I haven't heard much as far as applicants and the rumor mill has been pretty silent. I have asked several people but only told two names of coaches that supposedly applied one that was on coach Sisley's staff last season and one that coached at another school.
  8. Coaching openings 2016-17

    I would guess the Heritage Hills position will be announced at the May 9th or May 23rd school board meeting. I would love if a announcement would come tomorrow night but if I had to guess it would be the meeting on the 23rd
  9. Coaching openings 2016-17

    Haven't seen it anywhere else but the IHSAA job posting page has Tell City listed. http://www.ihsaa.org/MembershipServices/JobPostings/tabid/1025/Default.aspx
  10. Coaching openings 2016-17

    I would guess most of these will fill by the end of May because you would think schools would want the new coach in place before the start of summer ball.
  11. Coaching openings 2016-17

    Only 3 of Heritage Hills basketball coaches are teachers JV coach Josh Wetzel who has been JV coach for 15 years, 8th grade coach Kevin Tempel and 7th grade coach Dillion Lee Gregory. H Hills has never had a lay coach in football or basketball but if they went that route we have 2 more internal candidates Varsity assistant Nate Hawkins who formerly was head coach at Forest Park and freshman coach John Becher. Not sure who if any on that list will apply but they are the coaches for HH high school and middle school for the 2015-16 school year. I would guess a few of those would apply for the job as well as external candidates. Matt Sisley did a outstanding job of building up the feeder program so the next coach should find plenty of talent to choose from. HH returns 2 full time starters + 4 other players that started between 1-6 games plus the JV was 16-6, Freshman 11-4, 8th grade 22-0 and 7th grade 14-2.
  12. Coaching openings 2016-17

    The Sports Editor for the Spencer County Journal posted on Twitter that Heritage Hills head coach Matt Sisley has resigned, Said it was confirmed at last nights meeting.
  13. Coaching openings 2016-17

    Any word on Vincennes Lincoln yet ??
  14. Click link for article but believe you have to subscribe to read but not positive. http://www.courierpress.com/sports/washingtons-garland-pike-centrals-roach-receive-all-southwest-honors---2f384f39-3c35-27a3-e053-01000-374386091.html Note: This is the Courier coverage area list so wont extend North past Knox, Daviess, Martin County's and SIAC players won't be on this team because the Courier also has a All-Metro team.
  15. What jobs are open and which ones have been filled ?? In Southwestern Indiana Jeff Hein Vincennes resigned but will remain AD. Bryan Speer Evansville Harrison resigned but will stay on as AD. Kelly Ballard resigned at Evansville Day and replacement Austin Brooks already announced.