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  2. heard it here first? It's unofficially official? Looking at the South Gibson Corp. web page they have a board meeting on the 20th. It will happen soon.
  3. I have done some checking and believe Noah to be correct.
  4. Any new info on this position?
  5. And the plot thickens.... I once had a Superintendient tell me that a vital part of coaching was being able to beat the "mob" out of town. Looks like they may of caught back up in this situation.
  6. Noah, Every coach I have ever met is a "bad" fit in some way. Being honest here.... Mokris is a good coach, knows his basketball, and is being run out by parents. These parents think there kids are pretty good but probably don't go shoot with them in the driveway at home. You may not like Mokris as a coach, but he was showing more success than past coaches. They won 7 games which is the most since 2008-2009. They were a young team and had two of their better years defensively (going by points allowed). I probably won't comment on this one either again