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  1. Coaching openings 2016-17

    Looks like Shakamak is now open... Edgewood will be filled
  2. Coaching openings 2016-17

    The previous post on Edgewood and Shakamak openings was a little premature. Too many moving parts at Edgewood... Kind of a shame for all involved.
  3. Coaching openings 2016-17

    I'm not sure if it is official, but Edgewood may have hired a new coach... While Shakamak may be looking for a new coach.
  4. Swiac Seniors

    WRV had Tyler York, Hunter Cornelius, an Johnathon Park. I'm not sure if Park finished the year.
  5. Swiac Seniors

    Jacob Clothier, Pierce Jackson, Joe Dieball, Dylan Morris, Andrew Woods, Brayden Talley for Linton.
  6. Class 1A State Tournament

    Liberty Christian looks like the real deal. The remind me of Linton in the way they can get after people defensively... They aren't as limited offensively. Seems like teams that can handle the pressure and keep them under their average ppg keep it close. I don't think a win is out of the question, but they will need to play a smart game. Good luck to the Cardinals.
  7. Class 1A State Tournament

    Bloomfield withstands a strong 3rd quarter comeback from West Washington. Cardinals win 58-53. Next week's title game should be interesting... I don't see Bloomfield allowing Liberty Christian enough possessions to score their season average of 70+ ppg.
  8. Class 2A State Tournament

    Cool venue, but Richmond is a hike... The only benefit is it seems to be a hike for everybody.
  9. Class 2A State Tournament

    Unfortunately for the Miners... Their season came to an end last night. Providence edged out the Miners 50-44. The Miners struggled offensively. Part of that can be credited to Providence, who did a nice job challenging shots. Missed free throws and missed layups killed the our effort to use defensive pressure to retake the lead. It seemed each time the Miners got the lead down to 5... A couple missed layups in combination with a few made free throws or basket or two by Providence would inch the lead back to 9 or 10. Hats off to the Seniors at Linton.... In their four year career, they have won four sectional, two regionals, and a semistate. Not to mention they completely redefined Linton as a football and basketball school. They also changed the identity of how Linton plays... Tough physical defense all over the court. They have been a joy to watch.
  10. Class 1A State Tournament

    Bloomfield defeated Shakamak to advance to the Regional. They will face Indianapolis Arlington.
  11. Tonites Scores

    Linton wins 43-40 in 5 overtimes over South Knox.
  12. Class 2A State Tournament

    Linton wins in 5 overtimes on a Pierce Jackson 3 as time expired. Linton struggled offensively, but their defense kept them in the game. South Knox has nothing to be ashamed of... A hard fought game. This the fourth straight sectional title. If the Miners can win next weekend... This class of seniors will have won eight sectionals, four regionals, and a pair of state finals appearances between basketball and football. The cupboard is full for continued success in both sports.
  13. Lower level records

    Linton... Varsity: 20-4 JV: Undefeated 8th: 16-5 and SWIAC champs... Impressive considering the amount of good 8th grade teams in the conference. They also travelled on weekends. I'm not sure of their record, but they won a handful of tournaments. They probably had 24 or 25 wins to 6 or 7 losses. Really strong group... They just don't have any post presence. 7th: I'm guessing here, but I think they only lost 3 or 4 regular season games. 18-4 would be my best guess. They won a South Knox tourney and maybe a Bloomfield tourney with school ball. They also played in a handful of tournaments on the weekends... Winning quite a few. They probably won 25+ games with about 5 or 6 losses. They have Reggie Miller type scorer and a lot of nice parts around him.... But still not much size as of right now. 6th: 9-1 during the regular season... I'd say the won about 20 games with the tournaments. Good group with a couple kids that could be 6'5"+. 5th: 8-2 during the regular season... They probably won close to 20 games with tournaments. Interesting group... Not sure about future size, but they are very physical. They have improved a great deal over the last few years.
  14. Class 2A State Tournament

    Looks like Eastern will get their third chance to play Linton, while Barr-Reeve will play South Knox.
  15. Class 1A State Tournament

    In sectional 57, Shakamak and Bloomfield will advance to the semifinals. Shakamak will face off with Eminence in game 1, while Bloomfield will play WRV in game 2.