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  1. Very good
  2. Do you think his resignation was connected to the FBI raid?
  3. BNL is open.
  4. This supports having the Finals at Fairgrounds Coliseum and Hinkle.
  5. I'd have the State finals return to Hinkle Fieldhouse. The Girls State finals would use Hinkle as a contingency; otherwise they would go to Indiana Farmers Coliseum.
  6. BHSS plays so many HHC teams that it should BE an HHC team! Lol
  7. Jason just wanted to be closer to home. He taught at BHSN for a very long time before going to Columbus.
  8. Maybe adding an OOB section would help keep people here in the off season. How often are the primary posters on the GID also major OOB posters?
  9. 1. Old thread is old. 2. Scammers be scamming.
  10. I would up vote this if I could!
  11. Very cool. Will VL use Adams again after renovations?
  12. Lol it's cool I just wondered if it stood for something.
  13. Why is there an asterisk at the end of the title?
  14. Thank goodness!