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  1. "Under the new system, schools will earn one point for a sectional championship, two points for a regional championship, three for a semi-state title and four for a state championship. If a school earns six or more points during a specified two-year period – which would be two state championship appearances – that school would compete in the next highest enrollment class for the ensuing two seasons. Tournament success for the 2011-12 and ’12-’13 school years will determine classifications for 2013-14." http://blogs.indystar.com/preps/2012/06/22/ihsaa-votes-in-sixth-class-for-football-tradition-factor-for-team-sports/
  2. Isn't GPC also the name of a multi-million dollar business in Daviess County? Also, didn't GPC sponsor a similar tournament a few years back? Obviously, a person of your astute abilities can decipher the difference, but you might have to be a little more clear to the rest of us simpletons. Finally, I don't want to get into semantics, but a phrase like Graber Post Classic tournament is a bit redundant. It gets even more confusing when GPC Classic a few years ago was a term used to refer to Grain Processing Corporation Classic. Please try to make things a little clearer for us laymen next time. Thanks!
  3. Yes, I would imagine schools like Harrison are less interested in this tourney after getting beat last year.
  4. This high ticket price has to play a role in the low attendance as well. $15 for two high school basketball games seems a little steep to me in this economy. You can get tickets to Pacers games for cheeper than that.
  5. What does the economic situation is Shoals have to do with the number of fans Barr-Reeve took to Tecumseh? Also, Montgomery to Lynnville is only a hour plus trip by buggy.
  6. A much better career than Myers? That is pretty rough. Myers was 12th in that state in scoring at 23.5 ppg, 14th in rebounds at 10.8, shot over 53% from the floor, 36% behind the arch, had around two blocks per game, AND landed a scholorship at a very respected D1 basketball school in a tough conference. If Wittmer has a much better career than Myers he will hands down be the best player in Loogootee history.
  7. Indiana State, Wright State, and Ohio State also reportably showed interest. Hopefully Taylor and Ryan can become a dominate backcourt duo in a few years, but if UE has to rely on two freshmen guards in the guard heavy MVC it will be a VERY long year. Doesn't seem like he has gotten much attention for his high school performance on a state-wide scale. Hopeing for me info from some northern Indiana folks.
  8. Troy Taylor verbled to Evansville tonight. Anyone have much info on him?
  9. Errick Peck from Cathedral turned down Evansville and Butler and verbled to Cornell last week.