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  1. Happy 1st Day of Practice

    It's been awhile since anybody has posted on this forum, but basketball season has officially started so maybe it will pick up. Let the madness begin!
  2. Jeff Hein

    Read on Harrrell he was.
  3. First Financial Wabash Valley Classic

    Pierce Jackson is the starter that DNP. Woods and Tally are both varsity players who DNP either. Also, Minnett was only out 4 min. in the first half and while South's press was good, it really only worked when Joe Dieball was out of the game. Don't suppose any of South's missed shots in the first half could've been due to Linton's defense?? And let's not bring the fans into the equation. Otherwise, I would have to mention South's fan wearing a wife-beater waving a Mexican flag. Now THAT is unbecoming. It was a good game until late in the 3rd quarter. If Linton extends that type of play to include the entire game (and stays out of foul trouble), they've got a good shot in the Sectional.
  4. Linton at BR this Friday

    AP poll says BR #2, LS #4. Not sure either one deserve to be that high. Should be a good game that could go either way.
  5. Cooper Neese

    Agree, BUT he's only a Jr right? So there's still another year for improvement.
  6. SWIAC 2015-16

    Results from the JSeven Thanksgiving Shoot-out: 1st game (morning session): Linton over Fountain Central 66-21. 2nd game (evening session): Linton over Cloverdale 63-49. Cloverdale beat Riverton in the morning session 83-17. Fountain Central beat Riverton Park in the evening session loser's bracket 57-44. In the Linton/Cloverdale game, Linton got in foul trouble early and had to play several off the bench. 4th man off the bench ended up being high scorer. 2nd high scorer was also off the bench. We're very deep and very quick. Not much heighth. Also, 2 of 8 football players understandably DNP.