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  1. Should we have a website like Yappi for Indiana? Put the link for the digest under the basketball heading. If you aren't familiar with Yappi, they have a website and the homepage has boys hs sports and girls high school sports. You click on one and the next page has all the sports listed. Click on one and the message board for that sport cones up. My thinking is to tie this, Gridiron digest,Indiana mat, and others on one site and then clicking on the sport name directing you to each site. Then drive up numbers on all of them.
  2. I'm neutral on it. Fans like run and gun, some coaches like stall, and many like both together with fundamentals being used.
  3. This game brought up serious discussion in Northeast Indiana about implementation of the shot clock. It isn't something I'd be against as a fan, but also realize sometimes "stall ball" is a strategy to be competitive.
  4. Anyone have any thoughts on this? I'm not quite sure for the Northeast and East Central Indiana regions.
  5. Basketball Day in Indiana

    I threw in the Crossroads Classic but it could just be one of those teams. You're right about the tv packages and such. Idk about the Pacers but they should get all over it. Get Larry Bird to buy into it and his heritage. Plus the Pacers have been wearing Hickory jerseys.
  6. Basketball Day in Indiana

    They go all over the state up there. No reason FS Indiana couldn't do the same. It's usually just Pregame or the Pacers on it. They have a different main location for their hs game each year. Different types of programs.
  7. Basketball Day in Indiana

    Is this not feasible or a good idea?
  8. Fox Sports and the state of Minnesota team up every January and have "Hockey Day in Minnesota". All day they broadcast hs games, stories in the sport in the state. The University of Minnesota plays a game in the late afternoon and the Minnesota Wild play in prime time. I wondered why Indiana doesn't do the same with basketball. Seems like a no brainer. Could put the Crossroads Classic and marquee HS games on the same day. Pacers in the night cap.
  9. Famous Stall Game

    Thanks! I'll have to see if I can get info Bob Adams would have. He is the basketball historian and did a radio broadcast with my grandpa and a Berne guy a few years back. I was in shock that my grandpa had "stage fright" and you could tell.
  10. Famous Stall Game

    Rockman, may I ask which newspapers those clippings are from? Neither my parents, sibling, uncle, or I have found anything he would have on it. I know my great grandparents had a house fire many years ago and think he may have lost all that stuff then. Wonder if I could research to find them. Thanks!
  11. Famous Stall Game

    Thanks for the correction as it was 5 to 4. Leon Byer is my grandfather. He told me about the game a few years ago. He is not in very good shape and it is very hard to communicate as he can hardly talk and has been hard of hearing for years. He told me that Berne was at the free throw line and he pulled the guys leg hair and caused him to have a lane violation wiping out a Berne point. He told numerous stories about a large family sitting by the clock and would mess with it when Pleasant Mills trailed.
  12. Northeast Indiana Fans

    Most of the top D1 kids are in Ft Wayne. Not sure what Muncie has. There are some solid smaller schools and a few good ones. Only south migration was Blackmon Jr to Marion.
  13. Has anyone heard of the famous stall game in the mid 1950's? It featured the Pleasant Mills Spartans vs the Berne Bears. Pleasant Mills consolidated with Adams Central and Berne with South Adams. My grandfather was a key player for Pleasant Mills. He ended up the leading scorer in school history. I know my grandmother went to Berne but she may have graduated from Bluffton. Anyways,the final score was 5 to 3 in favor of Pleasant Mills. Supposedly it made national headlines but I can't find anything on it. I should get with our local basketball historian Bob Adams to find more. Anyone have any insight about this game?
  14. Best High School Gym in the State

    Yeah those are neat. I always thought the name of our gym was cool. It is called the Hangar as we are the Flying Jets. It looks like a real one from the outside. I believe the Zollner Pistons had some significance with our gym floor.
  15. Northeast Indiana Fans

    They are south of Ft Wayne. Wells County is southwest of Ft Wayne and east-southeast of Huntington and Wabash. Adams County is southeast of Ft Wayne and the eastern border is the state line. They are side by side and sandwiched between Allen County to the north and Jay and parts of Blackford county. So basically between Ft Wayne and Muncie.