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  1. Congrats to Cody Wright on committing to NAIA D-2 Judson University on a scholarship. I have watched this kid play basketball and football for four years and he has had a career in both sports people only dream of. Winning a State Championship in football and making it to semi state the next year as quarterback, leading his team to their first sectional title in 20+ years in basketball. I wish him nothing but the best and I know he will do big things at Judson.
  2. WRC

    Congrats to Covington and North Vermillion representing the WRC next week in regionals. Good luck to both teams. Great season of basketball!
  3. WRC

    Covington vs Seeger... Seeger won this both times prior, 17-18 game win streak. They impressed me when they played NV. Very dangerous when Kennedy gets it in transition. I'll take Seeger (55-48) Rockville vs Turkey Run... Rockville beat TR twice before.. I believe the Rox will win again but it will definitely not be an easy task. Turkey Run usually plays everyone close. I expect a good game early but the Rox run away late (68-50) Riverton vs North Vermillion... I'll take NV in this one. The Falcons won pretty handily both games by 20+. Expect the Panthers to come out in some new things no one has seen yet. And play extremely hard.. But the Falcons in the end have to many weapons.. Falcons (66-43)
  4. WRC

    I don't 100% believe his offense kills them.. his elbow jumper is good. He just needs to pick the right times to do it. It seems when they try to run a set play Wilkey takes it for himself in the middle of the play and shoots it. Wilkey and Earl are very good defensively every night, but you cant forget about Wright.. He is tasked to guard the best player on the other team sometimes. I recall him limiting Hopkins to single digits when he guarded him last time. Overall they just aren't working together as a team at all.
  5. WRC

    Congrats to Seeger for bringing home the sectional title.. The Falcons had a really bad shooting night and still put up 55. I haven't worried about their scoring ability all year.. What I have worried about is their defense. It is just non existent sometimes.. I don't understand why either, they have possibly the best athletes in the conference but are one of the worst at defense. I was impressed with Seegers defense either, but they play a more fundamentally sound game, and definitely play more as a team than the Falcons do. Ive noticed this year that Wilkeys presence has really helped the Falcons on defense, but kills them on offense. He seems to take to many 1 on 1 shots. This could be the Falcons offensive plan, but in my opinion he needs to get better shots and passes to teammates sometimes. That was my take on last weeks game.. In to the present I think It will be Rockville & NV in their sectional championship with NV in a nail biter, and Seeger taking their sectional home.. Any thoughts?
  6. WRC

    Seeger @ NV on Friday. This is for conference 3 way tie or a Seeger conference championship. I think this game will be extremely close. Seeger won't be able to guard NV man.. I haven't seen anyone guard NV man this year and succeed except maybe Linton in some cases. Seeger will have to come out in some sort of zone. I watched a few Seeger games and wasn't very impressed with their defense to be honest. NV isn't the best on the defensive end either. Seeger really only has two weapons that will kill a team, Orahood and Kennedy. Other than that some role players. NV has Wright who can seem to score at will, Wilkey who has his good and bad nights, earl who is very aggressive driver,, not the best shooter, and Martin who can be on at any given night. Seeger has Kennedy and if this game is down to the wire with Seeger up that kid is very very smart with the ball in his hands. Still going NV 55 Seeger 52.. What are your picks?
  7. WRC

    I am very excited to watch the Seeger @NV game next week. I believe this game is for the conference championship being a three way tie or conference championship going to Seeger. Can't wait to talk more about this next week!
  8. WRC

    Wilkey is very good at guarding whoever takes the ball down, he is very quick and has fast hands. Earl is the best defender for wing types being quick and athletic. Wilkey is still leading the state and steals, he gets a lot of back tips being so quick. I was very impressed with Lintons shooting, I didn't realize they could shoot that well. I really just expected them to drive and get in the lane more often than not.. When they did they drew two defenders and kicked it out for a lot of 3s that they didn't miss. Also a very great job at holding the ball when they are up. This seems to be how they beat a lot of teams and get people very frustrated.
  9. WRC

    Linton was definitely the better team tonight.. They move the ball well and didn't seem to miss. They kept Wright in check all night, I think he finished with 18-20. The Falcons just didn't get any scoring from anyone else, same with the Northview game. If they are going to go anywhere come sectionals they can't just rely on Wrights 20 a night to win.. Props to Linton D.. They were definitely great giving everyone fits
  10. WRC

    Watched NVs Cody Wright score 34 tonight. They also got the win at Northview. I'll be very honest I thought Northview would've won the game pretty handily because of their tough schedule and playing at home. The Falcons lead most of the game, and if they continue to play like that they will win sectionals with ease
  11. WRC

    Jacob Earl scored his 1000th point last night against Schlarman. It was fun to watch. NVs head coach kept him in the whole game despite a 30-40 point lead to get it. The funny thing was the rest of the team sacrificed their scoring and kept passing him the ball to basically shoot every single time. He ended with 30+ shots I believe. Another cool feat on this team is the Falcons have 2 1000 pt scorers on the same team and they started with Woodard their Sophomore year when he scored 1000. Three 1000pt scorers in a 4 year span is pretty cool.
  12. WRC

    NV has always had problems finishing their games. This same group has lost so many games in the fourth quarter while leading the whole game it is crazy. Falcons started off hot in the first half. Wright had 14 in the first quarter.. then CT made adjustments and in my opinion got out coached. Wright ended up with 24 I believe. He got shut down after the first quarter from alot of double teams off screens and just couldnt get an open look. This is where the Falcons struggle. Martin was very nonexistent in the scoring of this game, and Wilkey was also very low scoring. If Wright is getting double teamed and face guarded these other people really need to step up. That didn't happen Friday. Was a good game to watch, but I believe NV is the far better team still. This ruins their shot at the first place conference title. It can only be a tie with them now. Seeger has to beat Covington in season play, and the Falcons have to beat Seeger. That will result in a three way tie. I was pretty impressed by the tall kid from Covington. I havent heard anything about him except his length and he played really well.. Another major weakness where the Falcons get dominated is no post play. There were times when the big kid just reached over everyone and put the ball back in the hoop uncontested.. The Falcons have to make up for this height disadvantage by using their speed, which in the second half I feel they stop doing. Props to Covington though for making the right adjustments at halftime and winning the game.
  13. WRC

    Covington @ NV - I'll go NV in a close one. The Falcons can't seem to ever just get a large lead. Always a thriller with them Rockville and Seeger tomorrow night I think... I'll go Seeger by 10-15 points.. Even thought Attica did just play Seeger to a 6 point game. You can't ever count Attica out. I just think Seeger is very talented along with NV. Both teams have 3-4 scoring threats. Not sure what Covington really has.. I know they have Cooper which is a good player. Springs isn't very impressive, he just has some size. I think after that they have some average shoots and role players.
  14. WRC

    http://www.maxpreps.com/leaders/basketball/,scoring/wabash-river/W2hkW58YgU-M7kGsMtuo6A/stat-leaders.htm?classyear=all&position=all Link to the stats through half or a little over half of the season. Seems that Covington and Turkey run don't put their stats in. I love looking at stats to see how everyone's doing. I'm sure it gives coaches a chance to prepare a little more also. Scoring wise - Wright from NV seems to be the best scorer and 3pt shooter. Overall - Kennedy from Seeger seems like he does everything for them. 16 points and 8 rebounds a game is pretty impressive. Field goal- orahood from Seeger has outstanding field goal percentage. Seems to be a force to reckon with in the paint. Looks like Hopkins is struggling a little bit this year. Are teams keying more on him and leaving Newnum open... Because Newnum is starting to pick up his scoring and is playing well for the Rox. Impressed by Wilkeys steals per game. 5 steals a game is a ton. I believe he is actually leading the state in steals through all classes.
  15. WRC

    12-25 free throws will not work down the stretch for any team really. Wright went 0-5 from 3 and 6-8 from free throw range.. Wilkey shot the ball really well and hit a couple huge threes. But as you said missed very important free throws in the end.. The rox did do a great job getting newnum shots. It was only really when the Falcons switched to a zone though.. Newnum couldn't get much off while the Galcons were playing man, they had to resort to a zone because of foul trouble. I do 100% agree with the poor shooting.. I'm assuming there will be another matchup come sectionals. Very interested to see. Covington at NV next week is huge also.. Top thfew conference teams right now are the Trojans, Patriots, and Falcons. Toss up in those game