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  1. New addition today puts the unofficial number at 55.
  2. Latest update has the unofficial number at 54.
  3. An at least somewhat surprising addition of Bloomfield puts the unofficial number at 52.
  4. 2 new additions put the unofficial number at 51 as of June 14th.
  5. Kevin Menke has been named the new Varsity Boys Basketball Head Coach at Wood Memorial.
  6. Number now unofficially at 49.
  7. Number now unofficially at 48. North Montgomery the latest addition.
  8. Number now unofficially at 47 with Terre Haute South opening included.
  9. Varsity and JV Shootout went well. Full day of high-level competition from 10 local High Schools.
  10. Number now unofficially at 46 as of June 8th.
  11. New addition today. Number unofficially at 45.
  12. New addition from over the weekend. Unofficially 44 coaching changes listed going into 2016-2017.
  13. Overlooked one that was on Harrell list. Unofficially 43 changes made to this point.
  14. Make that 42. Another addition today.
  15. Unofficially 41 schools listed as of June 1st.