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  1. Pretty impressive experience - As Head Coach - - 3 sectional championships, 2 Regional Championships (beat twice by Yogi Ferrel (Park Tudor) in Semi-State), 2 PAC Titles As Assistant Coach - - 2 State Championships, 1 State runner-up, 3 Regional Championships, 5 Sectionals Championships Personal issues aside, I'm not sure how the school board/AD could've passed on him. Coach Sisley did a great job with the feeder program so a lot of young talent on the way! GO PATRIOTS!
  2. HH has a lot of talent coming up in the Freshman, 8th, and 7th grade classes. We've heard it a lot before about younger classes and good talent at HH, but hopefully we will see some good success over the next several years on the basketball court. Time will tell....
  3. Huge night for Alec! He has always been a good shooter and glad to see him put a night together like this. This is a fun team to watch.
  4. I think he's back at IU next year and has a great year!
  5. How many Sectional titles for Hein now?
  6. Low scoring game. I tuned in at the half and it sounded like both teams were having a hard time scoring. Not sure if it was because of tough defense or shots just not falling ... or maybe both?
  7. Here is the online stream ...
  8. Not sure if this has been a thread previously but had to replicate an interesting topic from the GID ... name the top 5 starters all-time for your high school. One requirement ... must be 2 guards, 2 forwards, and 1 center. Ok to list back-ups if there are more that should make the list. I will have to think about Heritage Hills over the years. And ... GO!!
  9. Couple of good articles in the Herald about this tournament. By BRENDAN PERKINS Herald Sports Editor For four schools linked by such familiarity, there’s a definite air of mystery about their upcoming get-together. How this pre-Christmas-tournament scenario will work out. The volume at which fans will fill Huntingburg Memorial Gym. The prospect of recapturing at least a portion of the fervor of Dubois County’s old single-class sectional. The big reveal — however it turns out — will come Saturday after four games of basketball in the inaugural Dubois County Hoops Classic. Jasper, Southridge, Forest Park and Northeast Dubois will intersect under the same roof for the first time since all four county squads participated in the former Herald Tipoff Classic in 2003. Not even Southridge athletic director Brett Bardwell is exactly certain what to expect. About all Bardwell has to go on is some of the buzz he’s sensed.
  10. Wasn't the Vincennes game when David Litkenhus made the 1/2 court short (or may have been farther)? Or do I have my years and games all mixed up?
  11. But Tyler didn't do this ... Still unbelievable!!
  12. Yes, probably a toss-up with any of the Zellers. Just curious, did Tyler have better overall numbers than the other two?
  13. All great points and great players. I struggled to remember a 2nd PG for whatever reason. I heard from someone earlier today that said Darell Green was as tenacious of a player as anyone to ever play at HH. Schaefer was on my list, but had to go with Lambeck since I played with him but do remember watching Schaefer. GREAT TEAMS with a capacity crowd every night! Great list of Patriots no matter who is on it, IMO!
  14. For the HH list I like the “platoon” system BRUI1976 went with … too hard to narrow down. Couldn’t follow my own rules. J I have a heavy ‘85 to present bias since that is what I know and somewhat remember. Some may be out of position... First Platoon Point Guard - Jason Wilkerson (all-time career assists leader - 320 assists) Shooting Guard - Tim Denning (Brescia University & all-time leading scorer - 1320 points) Forward - Jay Cutler (2nd all-time leading scorer - 1131 points) Forward – Phil Wahl (Played at SIU-Edwardsville) Center - Brad Fella – (Got D1 offers in baseball, basketball, & football) Second Platoon Point Guard - John Wetzel (?) (Struggled to remember the point guards) Shooting Guard - Ben Lambeck (6th all-time leading scorer-1052) (Biased pick-I set many screens for him) Forward - Ken Dilger (All-time career leading rebounder – 559 rebounds) Forward - John Becher (Played at Oakland City and Valparaiso) Center - Matt Sisley – (Played at Southeast Missouri State)