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  1. Nate Hawkins Heritage Hills

    Pretty impressive experience - As Head Coach - - 3 sectional championships, 2 Regional Championships (beat twice by Yogi Ferrel (Park Tudor) in Semi-State), 2 PAC Titles As Assistant Coach - - 2 State Championships, 1 State runner-up, 3 Regional Championships, 5 Sectionals Championships Personal issues aside, I'm not sure how the school board/AD could've passed on him. Coach Sisley did a great job with the feeder program so a lot of young talent on the way! GO PATRIOTS!
  2. Heritage Hills a work in progress

    HH has a lot of talent coming up in the Freshman, 8th, and 7th grade classes. We've heard it a lot before about younger classes and good talent at HH, but hopefully we will see some good success over the next several years on the basketball court. Time will tell....
  3. Heritage Hills at Hancock County Kentucky

    Huge night for Alec! He has always been a good shooter and glad to see him put a night together like this. This is a fun team to watch.