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  1. think about the pizza hut classic, 4 all tourney players were soph's. Minnet, Neese, Dieball, and Wallace from Marshall, I can't wait for this year
  2. Neese could go anywhere, any ideas on where he might go?, I don't know where the family lives, or where they might go. I am now having dreams of Cooper Neese and Josh Dieball on the same floor and Linton scoring about 70-80 points a game
  3. which board was that? is there any truth to the rumor that Pat Rady is no longer the Cloverdale coach?
  4. But no post play
  5. you know, this is not an attack at anyone, but a challenge for youth ,JH and high school coaches that read this. We have a habit of putting kids in a box at a young age and leaving them their. this is done by most coaches with few exceptions. Let me give an example, Brandon Van Sant is a good kid, and a talented ball player, but since he was a little guy he has been guy, he will probably help Bloomfield win a lot of games this year but what happens to him next year? he will be a 6'6" post player in college. that is a difficult place to be, I don't know what they go over in practice, but is he skilled enough to step out on the wing at the next level? Youth and junior high coaches look at a kid and make him a center or a guard just on how they look. we need to be instilling these kids, our kids with all around ball skills. we cheat them if we don't. we sometimes forget that the kids are not here for us, but we are here for them. let's teach them how to play, not just run an offense, but to have fun playing a game.
  6. I really think Bloomfield should be shooting for a state title this year, they should easily get through their sectional, they may have trouble in regional, semi state will be Borden, Orleans, or Loogootee. don't doubt me on the Lions, the new coach has them fired up to play
  7. Let's get started. who's doing what in the SWIAC this year? should be a great season, coaching change @ Shakamak, Bloomfield senior class has high expectations, will Linton continue to shock people? How will it turn out? let me know what you think.
  8. when did Indiana go to using semi-state, sometime after 53 right. Maybe Chitwood's Sophomore years in college
  9. Help me out, serious question. How do you get 14 state finalist with only 5 Semi-states. Was there a time before semi-state,
  10. that's a great idea. Somebody make that happen
  11. I think but am not sure, Linton and Rivet are supposed to play there this year
  12. Linton is reloading, will be good for awhile, I wonder if Joey stops after Little Joey, or keeps going until the twins get out of school
  13. Absolutely! Barr-Reeve's been pulling this for years and more power to it. Now it's our turn. I don't know if recruiting is needed, If you have a good program, and a parent want's to send a kid there, what is a coach supposed to do? tell a kid "no you can't come" because someone may be offended? coaches have a knack for using the kids that walk in the gym, regardless of where they came from
  14. I would think so,
  15. don't know about that, linton is very guard heavy and bloomfield is heavy on big men