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  1. Class 2A State Tournament

    Friday night games down there at Knox will be really good.
  2. Class 4A State Tournament

    I was at Tech last night and LC just ran all over Tech. Was not really close, Walker's teammates could not do anything at all. Merrillville losing isn't a surprise to me but not something I thought would happen, knew Valpo had a chance though. It'll be interesting to see how the Michigan City Regional shakes out now.
  3. SWIAC 2015-16

    Personal opinion is that Bloomfield is the clear cut #1 now with the win over BR.
  4. 1A #3 Bloomfield @ 2A #1 Barr-Reeve

    I think you're right. The Skinner kid really led them to the win. He hit some early 3s and put BR in a hole early and they just couldn't climb out. BR never even led in the game.
  5. JV: 35-27 Barr-Reeve V: 44-35 Bloomfield Both teams are playing good D and just waiting for openings on offense. BR is kind of struggling with the Bloomfield size but Bloomfield also has not stopped many back cuts and BR is hitting from deep when they take them. Bloomfield was just the team that did not make mistakes. BR had trouble with the size of Bloomfield inside but made some critical mistakes inside of three minutes to lose it.
  6. WRC

    There are two games I'm keeping my eye on tonight in the WRC. Obviously Seeger and North Vermilion but I'm also keeping a close eye on Rockville and Southmont. I honestly think that these four teams are very similar in the way that they all have one player that really is the clear-cut best player on their team. And then a player that is a step below their best player but a cut above your next few players. I think that if both North Vermillion and Rockville win it be really hard to decide who will come out of that sectional but if one wins and one loses then in my eyes it will be easier. I'm really looking forward to how Rockville slows down Camden Chadd, who is a very very good point guard, and out north vermilion slows down Borden Kennedy and how North Vermillion slows down Borden Kennedy. When I went to the Seeger versus Southmont game earlier this year Kennedy and Chadd had a battle for the ages, they both scored 34+ points and it was very exciting. Both of these games should be very exciting as well tonight.
  7. SWIAC 2015-16

    . Yeah I saw that as well. I think my boss is coming down there for those Friday games, I'm going to go to Tech. I really want to come down and see that atmosphere, I know it will be really good. The only problem I had with that was I leave the next morning for Arizona on our spring break golf trip so I didn't really want to have to drive back that night and then get up really early and leave. Everything you guys talk about southern Indiana is the best in the state, which with the match ups, teams, coaching and the fundamentals I agree with so I'm really excited to come down see it tonight in action.
  8. SWIAC 2015-16

    As long as it's not a 20 point blowout it'll be worth my trip I wanted to come down see a southern Indiana game for a long time and this is probably one of the best ones this year so I'll definitely enjoy it and just am glad I get to write about it as well.
  9. SWIAC 2015-16

    Yeah I plan to leave Crawfordsville as early as I can so I get there as soon as possible. Pretty excited for the game but I hope that it turns out good since I have a 2:30 drive. If anyone wants to come up and say hi! I'll be in a black hat and a Wabash sweatshirt!
  10. SWIAC 2015-16

    I have decided to come down, I'm guessing the JV game will also be pretty full? Bloomfield travel well?
  11. WRC

    Just to put my 2 cents in, and you can take this for what it is as I only have seen Linton play a few times, all in the Classic. Honestly I really only payed attention to them for one game, the THS game. I think teams are thrown off by the physical play, THS sure was and I think that it kind of translates into a poor shooting night even when you are wide open. That day I said that THS should have destroyed Linton but did not because they could not hit their open shots, which they had quite a few of. The more I thought about it though I realized that the Linton D is so physical that even when players are open for shots it affects them. Much like if in football and you are going over the middle and you know the safety has laid you out so you take your mind off the ball. Same case here, Linton is so physical that it is in the back of the shooting player's minds at all times if they aren't sure where every defender is. High school basketball is very much a mental game.
  12. SWIAC 2015-16

    Will they be able to compete the whole game with BR tomorrow? Seriously considering the 3 hour drive down.
  13. SWIAC 2015-16

    The reason I asked was because I was told today by the Wabash coach that he applied and got accepted so I think I am coming down on Friday to watch him. He's a really good student from what I hear and can really play ball.
  14. SWIAC 2015-16

    I've heard a lot about Combs, what do you guys think of him?
  15. Class 1A State Tournament

    I agree with you. I knew him from his time at Covington and thought he just outcoached the other coaches all the time. Now, that may be different in the Southern part of the state. I hear there are some really good coaches down there.