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  1. If the defintion of "closely guarded" was loosened a little on the 5 second count, I would see no need for a shot clock.
  2. Liberty Christian all over 21st Century - 103-80 Final. Lions started 6-7 from three point range.
  3. Update per WLFI - Lafayette: 14 passengers sent to hospital, believed to be broken bones but no life-threatening injuries.
  4. The Griffith team bus flipped on I-65 en route to Lafayette Jeff for today's game. There are conflicting (Twitter) reports on the severity at the moment. The IHSAA has confirmed that today's game is cancelled, but the McCutcheon v. Warsaw game at the same location will be played at 7:30 tonight. Please keep the Griffith team and community in your prayers.
  5. S7 & S10 are deep fields. I was not surprised to see Tech lose last night, but was very surprised at the margin and how quickly it got out of hand.
  6. I believe the year Lyles was playing in the finals Kentucky was also playing at Lucas Oil in the round of 16, so I'm sure a lot of UK fans ventured a few blocks to see the evening session as well.
  7. No reason it couldn't work, but it would take a lot of coordination of people with limited interest. Butler, ND, IU, and Purdue are part of conference-based TV packages that apply in some ways to non-conference games. Do the Pacers want to share the spotlight? It would be great for the fan, but I don't see a lot of motivation from the participants.
  8. For the kids - BLF For the fans - Hinkle
  9. I've really enjoyed Doyle's attempts to understand and appreciate Indiana basketball culture since the Star picked him up a couple of years ago. I would have expected a reporter to come in with the Basketball = NBA and maybe P5 NCAA mentality, but he really seems to get it.
  10. Well stated Taps, and applicable to other sports as well.
  11. There was an article in the Madison paper I found. Seems like a basketball only decision. Kind of strange since the Toppers were 1-20 last year, and won 8 this year.
  12. We were streaming it in a Las Vegas sportsbook while watching the NCAA games. Fans from Kansas, Missouri, and Arizona were extremely impressed with the crowd, particularly being opposite the NCAA tourney. A lot of "I always heard about Indiana basketball, but that's really impressive" type comments.
  13. From the NFHS casebook (bold and italics in the last line are mine): " INTENTIONAL FOUL OR STRATEGIC FOUL During end of game situations it is not uncommon for a team to foul players in an attempt to put them on the free throw line hoping they will miss and give the team behind an opportunity for another possession and ability to score. The challenge for officials is to know the difference between an intentional foul and a strategic foul. Strategic fouls are a playing strategy. Officials must be able to recognize the difference and call the foul appropriately. A strategic foul is one that involves illegal contact while legitimately trying to steal the ball, even though the underlying intent is to stop the clock. An intentional foul has the same intent, that is to stop the clock or prevent it from starting, but it is done without playing the ball. It is done by grabbing the uniform of the player with the ball or grabbing him/her around the waist or by grabbing them with two hands. NFHS Rule 4-19 – An intentional foul is a personal or technical foul that may or may not be premeditated and is not based solely on the severity of the act. Intentional fouls include, but are not limited to: Contact that neutralizes an opponent’s obvious advantageous position; contact away from the ball with an opponent who is clearly not involved in the play; contact that is not a legitimate attempt to play the ball/player specifically designed to stop the clock or keep it from starting; excessive contact with an opponent while playing the ball; contact with the thrower-in as in 9-2-10 Penalty. Casebook Play Late in the fourth quarter Team B is trailing by six points. Team B’s head coach begins to yell to his or her players to “foul, foul, foul!” B1 responds by (a) grabbing A1 from behind; ( B ) reaching for the ball but illegally contacting A1 on the arm. RULING: In (a) it is an intentional foul. In ( B ) a common foul shall be called because B1 was making a legitimate attempt to “play the ball.” COMMENT: Fouling near the end of a game is an acceptable coaching and playing strategy. Officials must determine if a foul is intentional by judging the fouling act itself, not whether or not the coach instructed a player to perform the act."
  14. I saw on twitter that Shawe Memorial fired their head coach. Anyone know any backstory (if there is one)?
  15. I've not been to Hinkle post-renovation, but I wonder if they have the locker room facilities to host 8 teams? Granted you probably only need 4 at a time. I think you could have 3, 3, and 2 games in Bloomington, West Lafayette, and Muncie (decide which facility gets 2 after the regionals) and give everyone a reasonable travel distance with no home court advantage. In case Indiana, Purdue, or Ball St are hosting NIT games, you would have South Bend or Ft. Wayne (maybe Valpo) as a backup in the north, Hinkle or the Coliseum as a backup in the Central, and Evansville or Terre Haute as the backup for the south.