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  1. If the defintion of "closely guarded" was loosened a little on the 5 second count, I would see no need for a shot clock.
  2. Class 1A State Tournament

    Liberty Christian all over 21st Century - 103-80 Final. Lions started 6-7 from three point range.
  3. Griffith Bus Crash

    Update per WLFI - Lafayette: 14 passengers sent to hospital, believed to be broken bones but no life-threatening injuries.
  4. Griffith Bus Crash

    The Griffith team bus flipped on I-65 en route to Lafayette Jeff for today's game. There are conflicting (Twitter) reports on the severity at the moment. The IHSAA has confirmed that today's game is cancelled, but the McCutcheon v. Warsaw game at the same location will be played at 7:30 tonight. Please keep the Griffith team and community in your prayers.
  5. Class 4A State Tournament

    S7 & S10 are deep fields. I was not surprised to see Tech lose last night, but was very surprised at the margin and how quickly it got out of hand.
  6. Where, realistically, should the State finals be held?

    I believe the year Lyles was playing in the finals Kentucky was also playing at Lucas Oil in the round of 16, so I'm sure a lot of UK fans ventured a few blocks to see the evening session as well.
  7. Basketball Day in Indiana

    No reason it couldn't work, but it would take a lot of coordination of people with limited interest. Butler, ND, IU, and Purdue are part of conference-based TV packages that apply in some ways to non-conference games. Do the Pacers want to share the spotlight? It would be great for the fan, but I don't see a lot of motivation from the participants.
  8. Where, realistically, should the State finals be held?

    For the kids - BLF For the fans - Hinkle
  9. I've really enjoyed Doyle's attempts to understand and appreciate Indiana basketball culture since the Star picked him up a couple of years ago. I would have expected a reporter to come in with the Basketball = NBA and maybe P5 NCAA mentality, but he really seems to get it.