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  1. No, Hein remains as AD.
  2. Officially announced this morning, Josh Thompson is the new head coach at Vincennes Lincoln.
  3. Pretty amazing how quiet the Vincennes administration has kept the coaching search. From my understanding, they are down to 2 or 3 candidates, which the school board interviewed on Thursday evening, and a decision will be made on Monday. 2 of the most consistent names that most are saying include Andy Igel, formerly of Eastern Greene and Josh Thompson of Wood Memorial.
  4. First of all, hate to see Coach Hein go. What a run he had at Vincennes. He certainly elevated the program even further. Names that have been tossed around close to the program include: Chad Tolliver (Longtime assistant under Combs and Hein), Brandt Schuckman (Assistant @ Washington, played for LHS, has nephew on the team), Wood Memorial coach, Joey Hart (Vincennes ties from VU days---highly doubtful), Brett Dalrymple was runner up when Hein got the job, the Superintendent at Vincennes was principal at Bloomfield and knows their coach really well. All of these speculation of course. We will see. Whoever it is will have big shoes to fill. Go Alices
  5. Although, being AD and Head Coach, Hein would not shock me if he hung up one of his hats. That's quite a load. He has also been through quite a bit of nonsense with some parents, even after going to semi state. But I don't want to hijack the thread! Enjoy the top of the mountain Vikings, very very happy for you all.
  6. It's good stuff, for sure! Cheap entertainment!
  7. Amazing how basketball fans turn into 7th grade girls gossiping and spreading rumors after the season haha. I don't see why he would retire either. Just had heard it and was curious what you guys thought. I certainly hope Lincoln's coach stays. Not sure about the rivet one you speak of.
  8. Congratulations to the Vikings on well - earned title! We were rooting for you in Vincennes! Not to start anything, just want to feel out the BR posters/insiders. Is there any truth to the rumor the Coach Hughes could retire? Just curious!
  9. Underachieved as in winning 2 of the past 3 sectional titles? Football lost to an eventual semi-state participant. I agree the girls underachieved but don't think you can judge the season's success soley on tourney play, but without one senior and a frosh point guard I don't think anyone was that surprised. That said, I agree I think it will be very tough for Lincoln to beat both Jasper and Washington if that is the setup. Those two games were decided by a combined 5 points in the regular season.
  10. It seems as if Vincennes has come out of their slump at the right time, winning their last two games 66-45 and 74-63. This is significant considering they scored 38 points at Heritage Hills. Coach Hein mentioned Friday night that the week of snow days could have been a blessing in disguise to get out of the gym for a while. Claycomb had 26 points against North, and the Alices absolutely have to have him playing well to win Friday night and moving forward. This should be some ride this week. After Jasper and Mitchell, I think every game could be decided by less than 10 points easily. Every fan base should truly believe their team can win one game on any given night of this sectional, which should make for great crowds and electric atmospheres.
  11. Going to be very tough for the Alices to beat Jasper again, in my opinion. Lincoln used a barrage of 3 pointers in their win at home over the Wildcats in early January. The post players for Jasper gave Lincoln some problems early and late in the game. If Lincoln doesn't find their range again, it could spell trouble. Although Lincoln will have plenty of motivation as well, Jasper should have more. Lincoln has beaten them in football, boys and girls basketball, and have eliminated the Cats in 2 of the past 3 sectionals. Vincennes and Jasper on Friday night of the sectional, just like the old days, and how it should be (unless they are playing for the title.) With two weeks for Coach Hein to prepare, my early feeling is Lincoln will win. However, Jasper is the defending champion, so at this point they have to be the favorite. Should be electric Friday night!
  12. Hein might not have spent all week on them, but I think it is ridiculous to say they didn't scout, look at film, or prepare for them. These aren't your momma's Chargers, people. Lincoln may have been physically and emotionally spent, and many played two plus quarters with four fouls, but that's a solid team that could wreck the party in Washington if they get hot from outside as they did Saturday. That said, I'd like to see a rematch and would take Vincennes by lots. Just a gut feeling.
  13. Respect your opinion on the Hatchets being the favorite at this point, especially being on their home floor. However, if you look at the quality of wins during their streak compared to Lincoln's, it is hardly comparable. Again, taking nothing away from Washington as their very well could beat the Alices Friday, but I would certainly not discount the strength of schedule during the win streaks.
  14. Castle will be a tough matchup for Lincoln with their size. Would be another quality win.
  15. Vincennes Lincoln picked up their 6th straight win last night with a very impressive road win at Evansville Harrison. Lincoln trailed by as much as 11, but outscored Harrison 18-4 in the 3rd quarter. Harrison played 10 guys and the Alices, minus a few breathers, continued to play their "Iron 5". Just an extremely gutty performance to win at their place, and against a very athletic squad. Lincoln loses players, plugs people in, Nothing flashy, but they just keep winning.