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  1. Josh Thompson

    No, Hein remains as AD.
  2. Josh Thompson

    Officially announced this morning, Josh Thompson is the new head coach at Vincennes Lincoln.
  3. Jeff Hein

    Pretty amazing how quiet the Vincennes administration has kept the coaching search. From my understanding, they are down to 2 or 3 candidates, which the school board interviewed on Thursday evening, and a decision will be made on Monday. 2 of the most consistent names that most are saying include Andy Igel, formerly of Eastern Greene and Josh Thompson of Wood Memorial.
  4. Jeff Hein

    First of all, hate to see Coach Hein go. What a run he had at Vincennes. He certainly elevated the program even further. Names that have been tossed around close to the program include: Chad Tolliver (Longtime assistant under Combs and Hein), Brandt Schuckman (Assistant @ Washington, played for LHS, has nephew on the team), Wood Memorial coach, Joey Hart (Vincennes ties from VU days---highly doubtful), Brett Dalrymple was runner up when Hein got the job, the Superintendent at Vincennes was principal at Bloomfield and knows their coach really well. All of these speculation of course. We will see. Whoever it is will have big shoes to fill. Go Alices