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  1. Here's a list I compiled back in the day. It's slightly out-of-date, but not much:
  2. Thing is, you get a reputation for the "ready, fire, aim" approach to coaches (or, what school boards often misconstrue as "high standards"), you suddenly find yourself with fewer applicants for openings ... and you end up having to settle for less than perfect. Once a place gets a reputation as being short on the trigger with their coaches ... again, it doesn't matter what kind of "tradition" you have ... people avoid the place like the plague. Matter of fact, "tradition" ends up hurting you, because incoming coaches don't want to have to worry about living up to impossible expectations.
  3. The "people over there" don't really have a lot of control over it. I've seen communities that "don't tolerate mediocrity" and haven't won a sectional game in a decade. What matters is the five players on the floor. What happened 25 or 50 years ago or even 3 years ago has nothing to do with it. Just ask a lot of the North Central Conference.
  4. All it takes is one. If New Castle jumps, I wouldn't be shocked to see Richmond & Huntington North follow.
  5. Arlington basically *is* a charter school now. The state took over Manual, Arlington, Howe & Ripple and turned them over to charter school companies. All 3 saw a mass exodus of students -- Arlington's likely being the worst. None are run by IPS anymore. All except Howe used to be 4A schools before IPS reorganized a few into 6-12 buildings ... but even they were 3A. Meanwhile, Northwest (which is still an IPS school) gained enough students to move up to 4A and is, next to Tech, now the largest public city high school. Tech's enrollment, IIRC, has also gone up substantially.
  6. Good find. I've thought for a long time that the NCC as currently constituted isn't really sustainable -- a Logansport-to-Richmond footprint is a very difficult one to deal with. They'd be, geographically, right in the middle of the Hoosier Heritage Conference -- which needs one more member. They'd also be very similar to the HHC schools in enrollment & student body makeup & would be pretty competitive in most sports right off the bat. 2 things stand out: New Castle voted *against* expansion, and the superintendent & principal seem to be adamant about the length of roadtrips and the cost of transportation. Also, do note that their AD's last job was at Shelbyville, an HHC school. And also note that they talk *at length* about New Castle's declining assessed valuation, tax revenue base and, as a result, fewer funds with which to put gas in the buses. What stands out to me is that last quote from their superintendent: "I worked the 1987 state championship game between Marion and Richmond. "I've always had a lot of respect for the NCC. But we have to deal with what we have. Our enrollment has dropped and our assessed valuation has gone down about $400 million in the last 10-15 years. As I told the school board, it's not 1980 any more." If New Castle comes, we would LOVE to have them as the 8th member of the HHC. They'd be a perfect fit in the conference. I'm a bit biased -- I've been a part of the HHC as either a coach or a media member (or both) for 15 years now, but the league has become stronger than the NCC in just about every team sport except boys basketball. New Castle would fit right in. In the new NCC, it would be the second-smallest school out of 12 (assuming Jay County comes in), with only Muncie Central being smaller (and I'm expecting a Central/South merger virtually any day) ... and be a school with 1,100 students in a league where most schools have 1,500+ students, and a few have enrollments topping 2,000. In the HHC, the biggest school (Greenfield-Central) has an enrollment slightly below 1,500, and the smallest (Delta) is at about 800. New Castle would be right in the middle.
  7. will broadcast the 3A semistate between Mt. Vernon & Greensburg. Also, game preview:
  8. 3 games for sectional titles tonight thanks to girls hoops. I know you can follow 2 of them live if you're not headed to a gym tonight. 1A: FW Canterbury vs. Lakewood Park (don't know if there's a live broadcast anywhere) 3A: Hamilton Heights vs. Muncie Central (webcast: 3A: Mt. Vernon vs. Arlington (webcast: or
  9. Here's a scenario that *almost* happened in a game a couple of years ago. Tie game. Foul occurs in the final second, buzzer sounds. Before A1 can shoot the bonus free throw, Team B's coach is 10 feet out onto the court giving the official heck for making the call (honestly, and I really like said coach, it was about as animated as I've ever seen one get without getting whacked, but the official showed pretty good restraint not to). A1 misses the free throw, so the game is tied. Had a technical been called, my presumption is that it would've been considered part of the 4th quarter, because the ball had not become dead, as there was a free throw to be administered (and, as a result, the quarter was not over). Am I correct in this assumption, or would the tech be considered the start of OT?
  10. We had two pretty incredible games on our feed at Center Grove 95, New Pal 89, OT. Believe it or not, CG really won this with two pretty good defensive plays down the stretch, forcing NP misses on drives and then putting it away at the line. CG's Troy Vorhies scored 29 points and was 12-of-14 from the line. Ryan Pendygraft had 14 points, seven from the FT line in OT. Tyler Bryant had 18 for the Trojans, who had five in double-figures. Michael Benkert had 15 and some pretty solid defense on NP's Michael Morris. Morris (24 points, including 14 in the fourth quarter and OT), Justin Ikerd (career-high 25 points, 5 3s) and Ryan Curry (career-high 24 points, three 3s, 15 points in 2nd quarter) led New Palestine, which hit its highest point total since 1989 in the loss. Heck of a game. Mt. Vernon 52, Hamilton SE 49. C.J. Coleman scored 20 points and Stephen Turner 14 to lead the Marauders, who won a see-saw game. Zak Irvin had 17 for HSE. Dan Werner also played some really solid defense down the stretch and finished with 10 for MV.
  11. Girls tourney (Thursday) 3A #1 Norwell vs. Roncalli 4A #2 Penn vs. 3A #3 Mt. Vernon Boys tourney (Friday) 4A #2 Hamilton SE vs. Pendleton Heights 4A #1 North Central vs. 4A #5 Kokomo Some great players, great games. WHMB-40 will broadcast the semis on tape delay and the final/consolation games live. will broadcast the Mt. Vernon games in the girls tourney. Join us! Some girls tourney game notes here.
  12. I'm game. I know all four classes pretty well, and cover teams in 4A, 3A and 2A.
  13. The crew has the upcoming schedule in December: Thursday 12/29: Mt. Vernon vs. Penn GIRLS, 12:20 p.m. from Hall of Fame Classic Thursday 12/29: Mt. Vernon GIRLS in consolation or final game of Hall of Fame Classic Friday 1/6: Mt. Vernon at Greenfield-Central, 7:10 p.m. Tuesday 1/10: New Palestine at Greenwood GIRLS, 7:10 p.m. Thursday 1/12: Triton Central at New Palestine GIRLS, 7:10 p.m. Friday 1/13: Pendleton Heights at New Palestine, 7:10 p.m. Join Andrew Smith, Chris Lambert and our crew for some great hoops!
  14. I'll be working as part of the broadcast on HCSN Radio ... Don't know about terrestrial stations. WRZR and WWBL were listed as having rights to broadcast the game per the IHSAA.
  15. I know we've threadjacked, but that first night of the 1998 TOC was quite possibly two of the best back-to-back high school basketball games I've ever witnessed in person. Maybe everyone was just playing loosey-goosey with little on the line and nobody in the stands, but that was some tremendous basketball. It's also the one time I actually caught myself openly (although quietly) encouraging a team on press row -- I had just graduated from college and had squirreled myself a press credential to cover the TOC for the little paper I was working for at the time -- and forgot for about 10 seconds that I wasn't sitting in the stands watching my HS alma mater play, as I often did on nights off back then. But back to the original topic, that's why the Indy regional is so great. Those of us from Indianapolis know how hard it is to win a sectional and a regional, and this weekend becomes so much fun just because of that. If I weren't at Shelbyville broadcasting -- and supporting the school where I currently work -- I'd be at Hinkle supporting my alma mater and watching some great basketball.