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    I've only seen him play twice... What would a guy in Romeo's position have to gain by going to a prep school? Every school in the country is going to offer him.. It isn't like his offer list is going to increase by going the prep school route. AAU provides him with every opportunity to pick / choose the competition. The only advantage I see is his level of competition would increase December thru early March. But again, I'm not sure how much a player of his level needs this, given the exposure and opportunities AAU provides. Would like to see him stick it out and go down as one of the greatest of all time.
  2. Jeff Hein

    I'm not so sure this is an attractive job; it sure isn't one of the best jobs in the state. Expectations are high, and you have to compete with perennial powers Washington and Jasper annually... not to mention Pike and HH who have had upstart years lately. I don't think Lincoln would be lucky enough to lure Joey Hart away from Linton; he has a great thing going there... Not familiar w/ Tolliver or Schuckman; Thompson - sub .500 career w/ 2 sectional titles in a very weak class A sectional, Bloomfield has struggled, until this year, with very talented teams... Dalrymple might be a good get.
  3. South Knox upset special!

    I haven't responded or said anything for a while... after hearing Coach K speak last night, enough is enough. Winning teams do not get near enough credit for their effort, skill, preparation and adjustments when they win close games. - Coach Cal after IU beat them said "We missed so many shots we usually make." - Coach K last night after the loss to Oregon echoed those of Coach Cal a few days earlier. - Same with Barr-Reeve in their loss to South Knox. The winning teams in these games all put in the time and effort to take away the opponents strengths. Everyone on the losing end of close games is going to say "should have, could have, would have, etc" Sure there are some major upsets, but I wouldn't call Oregon over Duke an upset. Or even Indiana over UK. South Knox was playing some incredible basketball the last couple of weeks, and save for a rough stretch when their big went down, they were no doubt a 2A top 10 team. I'm not sure how you can say BR didn't show up; they played very well in the 1st half... if you wanted to break it down, one could debate SK's Dowden played soft in the 1st half. Trevor had his way thru 2 quarters... but in the 2nd half, Dowden got with it and took 52 out of his game, and 24 wasn't able to do to SK what he did to CC in the semi-state last year. I'm not saying this is right and meme is wrong, I'm just saying there is an debate for both sides, and IMO, SK's win wasn't a product of BR failing to show up. BR failed to go to any other options outside of isolating James time and time again, and SK did a great job of minimizing BR's options, just as they did to Linton the next evening. Look no further than Stafford. #20 was incredible on both ends. How James made Small School IBCA top 15 and Stafford made Honorable Mention... wow. James had a better career from a team perspective and that isn't close. But based on individual talent... Stafford got the raw end of the deal on that one. I'd venture a guess he is happy w/ the W in march
  4. SWIAC 2015-16

    Agreed. SWIAC is a solid small school conference year in and year out. There were 2 other conferences that got 3 sectional titles, but both of them were loaded with 3A's/4A's and privates. ...can't take for granted the good ball we get to watch locally.
  5. South Knox upset special!

    Kudos to SK. What we learned is that South Knox defends. At least they did on Friday / Saturday. Barr-Reeve was completely stimied in the 2nd half Friday night. I remember a BR 3 on the left wing in the early 4Th... and a breakaway layup off of a steal mid 4th. Other than that, I don't recall a single field goal made by BR in the 3Q and 4Q combined. ...surely there were a few that I'm not remembering, but seems most their points came from James barrelling his way through the lane and getting some calls. SK wasn't done... they played excellent defense on the Miners too. The Miners just happened to return the favor, and hit one HUGE shot.
  6. SWIAC 2015-16

    I think next Friday night at North Knox will be the best atmosphere around... anticipated matchups are Linton vs. Eastern and Barr Reeve vs. South Knox. Two SWIAC schools and two Blue Chip schools going at it. I don't see how the gym has any chance of holding everyone who will show up. ...obviously Saturday night will have quite a game to see as well.
  7. WRC

    That is just very coincidental I suppose. Funny how there are a lot of teams that seem to always have one of their worst shooting performances against Linton...
  8. WRC

    Linton held NV to the lowest point total they've had all year, 42 (which is 20 points less than their season average). And for the record, it would have been in the 30's except Hart subbed and the young'ins gave up a barrage of points in the last 90 seconds... and we get a "MAYBE Linton in SOME cases" comment. lol Thought both WRC venues were nice (the newer bleachers at NV were comfortable) and that both NV and Rockville had teams that play hard and are capable. Just from watching, I thought Rockville had more talent than NV, but NV seemed to flow a little better. NV and Rockville would both have trouble finishing above 5th in the SWIAC. Both teams are comparable to Eastern Greene from an athletic standpoint, but would fall into the conversations with Clay City and Shakamak discussing Ws and Ls.
  9. Class 2A State Tournament

    Wow. Speaks volumes for the 2 programs. ...wonder if this has ever happened before?
  10. SWIAC 2015-16

    I like Skinner... I think is he very underrated, and has been sorely undervalued until this year. I think Bloomfield would have been better turning him loose, which may have brought out a side of BVS that we never seen.
  11. SWIAC 2015-16

    Looks about right... I was hoping Shakamak was making a turn for the better once the big became a little more comfortable, but I'm surprised by losses to CC and Cloverdale. CC has taken advantage of the favorable schedule over the past couple of weeks... props to them for winning those games. Northview is obviously a test for them, but a rivalry game at home... I'm not betting against them. Would be nice to see them close out the year with 8 straight wins. With York back, WRV is #7 and competes with CC, ND and Shakamak. Would be nice to see them give someone a run for their money in March. Rivet at home probably the most winnable game they have left. Linton with a couple road games this weekend; both winnable although Rockville is athletic enough to test them. Bloomfield had a tough road game last week (any insight on this one Cardinal???)... Cards should cruise this weekend, before a test at 2A #1 Barr-Reeve next week.
  12. WRC

    If it is true that nobody had scored double figures on Wilkey, then that changed last night. Josh Dieball had 8 points on him in the 1st quarter and was going to end up with 30 if NV continued to play Wilkey on him... foul trouble limited Josh to maybe 15 minutes last night?? Linton's D makes a lot of teams look sloppy, not just NV. I didn't expect Joe, Josh, Pierce and Tyler to dominate the perimeter as much as they did...
  13. WRC

    ...looking forward to our Miners playing 2 WRC foes over the next couple of weeks; North Vermillion and Rockville both get to host Linton. mentioned it on our conference page, but Linton's twitter account said the Saturday game at North Vermillion has been moved to Thursday night; 6pm JV tip. Should be plenty of athletes on the floor when these two match up... Linton is led by junior Josh Dieball and senior Joe Dieball. There will be a couple names familiar to the NV faithful as Tyler Meurer and Jacob Clothier are also a couple starters. Pierce Jackson is a rotation guy off the bench who has been playing well.
  14. SWIAC 2015-16

    Per Linton's twitter account, their game scheduled for Saturday at North Vermillion has been moved to Thursday evening at 6pm. That is a long trip for a weeknight. Not sure on why the move... Maybe NV girls won their sectional, or maybe NV is hosting regionals???
  15. SWIAC 2015-16

    The only fact that matters is that WRV is 2-14. And what is worse... they haven't even been competitive. I don't see it improving anytime soon. The only "light at the end of the tunnel" for WRV is this year's 8th grade class. Unfortunately for them, those kids will get thrown to the wolves before they are ready... and, other local 8th grade classes are loaded too. It is ironic... I told someone before the Linton / WRV game... when WRV came into existence, the rumor floating around was that after the political arguments were made to justify WRVs being, many of the local's conversations said that basketball played a behind the scenes role in the 3 schools consolidating to create WRV. Now, with all the financial turmoil and back and forth going on with the school board over various topics, the state of the basketball program could also play a role in the inevitable demise of the school. Eventually, people are going to give up on the tradition and history the school once had and quit making a stand for the corporation. People can say what they want about class ruining basketball in the state of Indiana, but I'll be damned if it doesn't play a pivotal role in this area...