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  1. This doesn't sound good....
  2. No one can seem to figure out why....
  3. If he wants to go through the process, then fine... I guessed he committed so early because he DIDN'T want to go through the process... Something tells me it is much more than that (as many have said)... I don't see him ever committing back to IU...The other question is, what does Blackmon do? I think he plays AAU with Lyles and Bluitt... Is he going to still stand by his verbal? I know these are young kids and they have the ability to constantly change thier mind, it's part of the process (as much as us fans hate it)... I said when I read he de-committed that he would probably opt for UK because Cal gets his guys in the league and gets them there in a hurry...
  4. I wouldn't go that far.... It was odd that he didn't want to be on the same AAU team... Again, had no knowledge of the grades...
  5. I truly questioned whether he would last all 4 years... Something about wanting off the AAU team with his future teammates made me question it... I obviously didn't know about the grades, but it also could have been Crean would have kept him, but did Patterson see the light at the end of the tunnel? Very little playing time behind Hulls, Yogi, Creek, Sheehey, Oladipo, Abell... I hope he lands at a decent school and maximizes the opportunity...
  6. Per the IndyStar...
  7. My inclination was correct.... Patterson is leaving IU before even playing... http://www.indystar....xt|
  8. Cascade--Clayton, Amo, Stilesville Tri-West-- Lizton, North Salem, Pittsboro Danville--Consumed New Winchester Seeger-- West Lebanon, Williamsport, and Pine Village (there may be more that I am overlooking)... Western Boone--Jamestown (Granville Wells) & Thorntown
  9. Gary Harris--Michigan St. Yogi Ferrell--IU Kellen Dunham--Butler Jeremy Hollowell--IU Ron Patterson--IU Austin Burgett--ND Ronnie Johnson--PU Patrick Ingram-- Iowa RJ Hunter-- Gerogia St. DJ Balentine-- Evansville Glen Robinson III-- Michigan DeJuan Marrero-- DePaul Nick Osborne-- Loyola Chicago I would have loved to see Yogi win Mr. BB, but I have no problem with Harris winning it.... Congrats to the young men and the communities that support them.
  10. Hummel tweeted to Scott yesterday "Don't worry @BrysonScott23 I didn't make the core team either....Just do your thing in the North game it'll work out"
  11. I would say no... Travis Carroll won this award 2 years ago and Deshaun Thomas won Mr. Basketball (deservedly so)... Josh McRoberts won this award several years ago and Luke Zeller won Mr. BB.... I think Harris is the leader of the pack, but getting beat early in Sectionals has allowed Yogi to gain ground... It is a 2 horse race in my opinion.
  12. I would think New Castle would have to be on the list somewhere... Just going into that gym and look at all the banners...
  13. Kendrick has resigned at Brownsburg...|topnews|text|Sports It is also rumored that Bolser (Plainfield) has resigned but nothing to confirm that yet...
  14. Fair enough... I don't think IU has many 1 and dones... Even with this class coming in.. Yogi will probably get most of the time as he will be able to guard the quicker PGs (I love Hulls, but he lacks quickness)... Hallowell & Patterson will be playing behind Creek, Watford, Oladipo, & Sheheey (the latter 2 have impressed me this year)... I guess Parera could start along side Zeller, but would think it would be more of a back up role to get Cody some rest at least initially... No doubt they will be deeper and have the athletes/players to come off the bench... It will certainly be interesting to see how Crean balances all the talent he will have in the next few years... Was it playing time? Could the same issues arise when he arrives in BTown? To be fair, I haven't seen Patterson play... I have heard he is similar to Harris, but then you ask why isn't he ranked somewhere around Harris... Really looking forward to seeing what the Cream & Crimson can do in the next few years!
  15. I have thought about this... I think Yogi, Hallowell, Parrea, Jurkin can all play together... They did it last summer in AAU... The one that concerns me (and really not many people are talking about) is Patterson... He left the AAU team (no idea why, but can speculate)... I truly wonder if Patterson makes it all 4 years at IU. Again, I don't know the kid, but one has to wonder what the future holds if he couldn't play AAU with his future teammates... MR. BB right now.... 1) Yogi 2) Harris 3) Dunham/Hallowell