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  1. I guarantee Coach Hein scouted them. He is a very good coach, one of the better "preparers" in southern Indiana.
  2. Day School games are very poorly attended. You will be able to find any seat that you want.
  3. Heard a rumor the other day that Jackie Young will be going to Evansville Memorial. Is there any truth to that?
  4. How can you say that BR hasn't played anybody? They have played good teams, starting with North Daviess in the sectional, all the way through the tournament. They are just THAT much better than everyone else. They are the type of team that you feel like you are playing well against, then you look up at the scoreboard and you're down by 15-20... Stop trying to bring them down because you're upset that LHS had a bad year. BR would be in the same position even if every team in their way had been 18-4, they are just that good. I know absolutely nothing about Marquette, and so I have no idea how they will fare on Saturday however, I can tell you that BR is without a doubt the best team in the south, maybe even regardless of class.
  5. I used to be listed on the IHSAA website.
  6. I have tried to follow the link to the website but it says that the page is unavailable...
  7. Hoosier Hysteria by Bob Hammel is a great book. It is about the last year of single class basketball in Indiana.
  8. How are the ratings calculated? I see some teams that have beaten 2 or 3 teams that are rated higher than they are, and they still come in behind them in the rankings... Just wondering
  9. Bloomfield, Loogootee, and Northeast Dubois all had the exact same enrollment number of 316. How could this move one up and one down?
  10. Zach Templin at Vincennes Rivet is averaging close to 17 ppg and over 8 rpg to go with 55% shooting from the field (60% from 2FG)
  11. New Question- A player goes after a loose ball, gains possession and his momentum carries him into the backcourt. Is this a violation? (The reason the ball was loose is because it was knocked away by a defender.)
  12. Lincoln returns most of the team that outplayed Bosse in the Regional? Other than Mickens, who are their returning contributors? I think they graduated 5 or 6 seniors...