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  1. Pike Central New BB Coach

    I hear they have a left handed freshman who can fill it up from three...
  2. Pike Central New BB Coach

    Dumb is one of the kinder things I get called.
  3. Pike Central New BB Coach

    In that case maybe it's the fumes from I P & L that is causing mine. I'm a Kentucky fan living in the land of Hoosier. I can take the jossling.
  4. Pike Central New BB Coach

    When you get old senility happens...
  5. Pike Central New BB Coach

    I know this thread is about Coach Mokris but can you tell me about Coach Doyle? Was he assistant under Mokris? Has he moved up to take John's position?
  6. Pike Central New BB Coach

    Good luck to Coach Mokris. Quite a challenge he has ahead of him but if he can hang on talent is coming. Freshman Toopes has D1 potential and middle school has several good prospects.
  7. Trey Lyles

    Ditto this. Wonder what he thinks of Calipari? If you can't sell your program how you going to get kids to come there?
  8. Trey Lyles

    The only thing an elite prospect thinks is: "How fast can I get to the NBA?" When prospects see teams like UK, Texas, Ohio State, North Carolina, etc putting kids in the NBA after their freshman or sophomore year they want to play for those schools. If IU wins the national championship this year players will depart for the NBA...if it becomes a trend then they will look at IU in the same light. The days of a four year player are becoming a rarity in college basketball.
  9. Coach Igel

    I think Mokris is the athletic director's choice for the head coaching position but I also think there might be some behind the scenes pushing for a more seasoned coach. This one may get into a tug of war.
  10. Coach Igel

    Mokris has not been hired...yet. He was set to be hired at the last school board meeting but the board tabled the hiring.
  11. Coach Igel

    Great read on a hell of a good guy... Forgive me if I'm getting off topic.
  12. Coach Igel

    Ed (Ken's father) is 84 years old. Pike Central would be lucky to have him but Ed is not the Shultheis I was referring to. Another name being tossed about is John Mokris.
  13. Coach Igel

    Rumor is Coach Igel will be getting his interview as will former Jasper coach Shultheis. Just barber shop talk...