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  1. i'll go with North Judson. LaVille is a quality ball club. I've seen them play in person. Very tough to beat. (i'm surprised they did get past westview). Bowman Academy.. I have also saw play. They are a talented squad with a lot of speed and height. Fort Wayne Luers Blackmons Boone Grove They aren't flashy and not really athletic either. They just play real hard and know the game. A true blue collar type squad.
  2.   Triton is at home for this regional. They should be the favorites. They easily played in the toughest sectional out of the three other schools in this regional.
  3. I was very lucky to watch Michigan City Marquette play. That Fazekas is a stud. I really like Flores and Miller. They both seem to be very good shooters. They're athetlic as they come, they might be a year away from seriously contending for the 1A state title. The region has had some solid teams the last few years. Hammond Noll, Bowman Academy, Munster and Wheeler. Three of them making the trek to state and two of them winning state. Michigan City Marquette could be the next in line to make it down there. Corydon Central and Brownstown should be a dandy! I'm really excited to see the big kid from Corydon play.
  4. also. good luck to Pioneer, West Central and Winamac saturday night as they play for a sectional title. I'll be in southern Indiana watching Jamie kolkmeier's Corydon central take on Brownstown Central. It's nice to see two former jay coaches being successful at other schools.
  5. i checked out the Plymouth/Mishawaka Marian game friday night. I saw a couple quality players. Demetrius Jackson and Devin Cannedy from Marian. Mack Mercer from Plymouth. Jackson had some pretty nifty dunks.
  6. Again. My name is Scott Good. I live a quarter of a mile from the Winamac/North Judson school boundary line. Ask the mods to trace my IP address. I'm sure it'll come up completely different than what Mighty jones' is. Ask Blackmamba24 who I am. I met him at the Winamac/Pioneer game a few weeks ago! I live at 5641 West 660 North Winamac Indiana. I have a North Judson house number and a knox cell phone number. You guys are completely fishing and it's hiliarious. I saw a pretty good game friday night. Plymouth and Marian was a hell of a good game. That Jackson kid can flat out play. Bales is doing a great job at plymouth.
  7. Somebody on the MWC threads posted how Tri County went 7-30 from 3 pt land and ended up shooting 17-57 for the game... and only lost by 2. My fiancee's side of the family has white county roots. Her grandpa and her uncle follow TC sports and said it was the worst shooting game of the year.
  8. www.etpearl.com shows that Triton had over 400 season points coming back from that state championship team and they also had 2 quality players back in Keel and Griffyn Carpenter. Triton had lost over 2800 career points with those 7 seniors and lost about 1096 or so in season scoring from them. (they played 28 games that first state title year) North Judson had 72 points back from last season and 61 of it coming from 1 player. They lost over 1,280 points by graduation and 1,360 if you count the 3 players that didn't come back out. They lost career wise by the 5 seniors graduating alone over 3,000 career points (3,692 if you wanna be exact) and lost 113 more career points with those 3 that didn't come back to play. So Triton was a bit better off than what North Judson was this past season. So 6 wins with 72 career points returning isn't THAT bad. It could have been much much worse. So your insult really didn't work. Keep trying to find other ways.I'm sure as you could tell I was ready for your little slam. If you want to continue this fight please lets talk through PM. This is a midwest conference thread NOT a North Judson/Triton thread. If you don't have anything positive to post about the MWC then you can take comments and go on a different thread.
  9. i'm pretty sure 12 regular season wins is an above 500 record so any record over 500 is a pretty decent season wouldn't you say? so what's wrong with winning 12 games? I wasn't able to see Winamac play Caston this year since I was attending the Rochester/North Judson game but since I work in Kewanna I do know people that follow caston games. One of the guys I had talked to continued to say they've been hit hard by graduations the last few years but still was able to put up decent records because they still had some kids left but next year they'll only have douglass. He said after the 2011 season they still had Douglass and Howdeshell, Moss, Hoover and Russell so he knew they were still gonna be pretty good. After the 2012 season he knew they still would be decent because they had Howdeshell and Douglass who were their big scorers the year before but still had Moss and Scales who could provide scoring when need be. He told me that 2013-2014 will be different because Douglass will be alone and will have a lot of youth around him who simply havent been in big time situations yet. He told me caston had quite a few good basketball players on their teams the last 3 seasons which helped them win quite a few ball games and he went on to say if they win 12 games next year it's because good coaching, a down conference and a weak schedule not because they have an abundant of talent left over like they did the last 3 seasons. 12 wins would be good for quite a few teams depending on what you have coming back. Good coaching will allow you to be in quite a few games but youthful teams will be hurt a little bit simply because they aren't experienced and don't know how to finish games. From what I was told what Caston has back. 12 wins would be a good season for next year.
  10. Yes but they haven't came on with a bang yet like Bowman did. I think they are building their program the right way.
  11. They've got a pretty good chance. They have four starters that can drop 20, a 5th (if clayton harvey would start) would make 5. If Skaggs and Scruggs' arent hitting.. hopefully Dorris and Williams are. We'll see though.That regional is going to be tough. They can shoot the lights out and are a pretty quick team. Not the most physical team you'll face but they can ball it up for sure.
  12. I hope Hatch can come back and play this season. It'll be an awesome story. Marquette Catholic is gonna be a tough out.
  13. Judson lost to Hebron in the first round who was a quality team. Didn't Fort Wayne Canterbury barely beat Triton in double over time without their best player and Canterbury barely survived against Pioneer and in fact should have lost to Pioneer if a kid didn't miss like 2 free throws with 6 seconds left.. Pioneer wasn't even on the same level as that judson squad last year. You really have no idea. He's not even close to being good as Logan Irwin or Bruce Grimm Jr. That's laughable and another thing. He's not even the best player in his graduating class by far. I'd take the scott twins, and any kid down indianapolis over Yeo.. period. Heck. I'd take the Davidson kid from Andrean over yeo and they are going to the same school. So you saying that he's better than anyone mentioned on this thread is laughable as well. He's really better than AJ Graves????? The AJ Graves that did really well at butler? C'mon man. I saw Triton play Bremen this season and Culver this season. I also saw them last year when they played against Canterbury and Kouts. He's a good high school player don't get me wrong but is he as good as you say he is? Not even close. Jeremy Crittendon was a better player than he was and he was a mcdonalds all american nominee too.. he went to ball state and played a year and did OK... and hes 4 times the player Yeo was. Yep. I'll say that. A lot of yerlger's points came off the steals he created by on ball pressure.
  14. If Caston has more than 12 wins next year that coach needs a pay raise. That's all I'll say. They've lost some heavy scorers and big time players the last couple years from what I was told and from what I saw on www.etpearl.com and some how they keep putting up 12+ wins. I'm curious to say is it talent or is it coaching?
  15. I live in in North Judson's school district and I'll say this. Clay Yeo is a very very good basketball player. He's the only guy on their team that can score though. He wouldn't average 27 points per game if he had 2 or 3 other capable scorers, the fact he doesn't is the reason why he scores so much. You put him on North Judson's squad last year and he averages 13 to 14 points per game. I don't think anyone in their right mind would say Yergler would start at purdue. Winston was a quality quality quality high school player that did about everything you asked him to. He averaged over 18 points per game, 7 rebounds, 4 steals and about 7 assists per game as a point guard. Was he d1? No. He went to the right place for him and he's a good ball player. If you fail to see that. I really doubt your knowledge about basketball. Nic Moore was a fine basketball player. If he was Yeo's height. He would be playing at Duke or North Carolina. Fact and not being on SMU's basketball roster. Coon and Grose are two good basketball players as well. I think it's pretty funny your how old and insulting kids that just graduated from high school??? I think maybe your just a jealous type person that didn't get all the talk like Moore or Grose did and your now living it through Yeo. I can think of a couple guys who are better shooters and all around players from the northern part of Indiana that didn't win Mr. Basketball. Bruce Grimm Jr and Logan Irwin.. both could flat out play and flat out score. I think both were better high school players than Yeo. They didn't win mr basketball so how can Yeo?? Grimm Jr even dropped 40 at state... and still didn't win it. I think it hurt Jackson to Marian's slow start but he's certainly a treat to watch. He averages what 27 points per game and plays a schedule with a bunch of 3A and 4A schools? (13 of them are 3A and 4A) and you also add in an Illinois school and Fort Wayne Luers who has two d1 prospects on their squad and he still puts up numbers like that. He should be the South Bend Tribune basketball player of the year by far. I remember you posting last year. I think you upset a lot of us starke county guys by saying that Triton would beat North Judson and beat them single handily. That was a far fetch. Triton had 1 guy that could score 20 points in a game. Judson last year had FOUR. You switch Fingerhut, Hochstedler, Yergler or Eckert with Yeo.. I bet you they average 20+ points per game easily at Triton. I wasn't on the site last year posting but I do remember a few judson guys thinking you need to be put in a straight jacket.