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  1. No doubt about that. That is why you have to have something more than "being competitive" to bring to the table. It stinks, but that is the way things are.
  2. Yes, this is was his 5th year. Which means, he had a group of freshmen for their whole high school career. Each situation is different. The fact that a coach at a different school was given 8 or 9 years to win is great, but not typical. What is the cutoff that is acceptable to get rid of a coach then? 10 years?
  3. You are not judged on winning percentage in the lower levels. Most coaches that are building a program are very involved within the lower levels. Or at least, any coach that is passionate about coaching. Coach Thompson is this kind of coach, but the wins at the high school level were not there. He was hired as the high school coach, not the 5th through 8th grade coach.
  4. Yes, I actually do know about the program. My location has nothing to do with it. The thing about coaching is that wins are expected. There comes a point in the program where being competitive isn't going to cut it. I'd say five years is a good scale on that. Heck, most coaches get three years anymore. That is part of coaching. He will get another job and put the same effort into it, no doubt about it. They went from 10 wins last season to 5 this season. That, despite any competitive "improvements", is a drop in wins. 5-25 in conference play doesn't bode well either. Again, there is nothing shady about being let go after 5 seasons with a record of 30-80. There is no argument to state otherwise.
  5. 30-80 in 5 seasons isn't quite getting the shaft, nor is it shady to remove them from the position.