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  1. Sounding like Lions fans? Hey, you take that back!
  2. Numbers. The story of this game is told in numbers. The first numbers are 1,500 and 200. That is the approximate enrollments of the two schools. You don't see the David and Golith matchups much anymore, which is too bad. The next number is a bunch. That is the number of fans BR brought to this game. Unbelievable turnout of BR fans. I'm sure there were well over 1,000 of them there. 9 to 5. That was a big song for Dolly Parton but it is bad odds in basketball. Harrison used a 9 man rotation to keep fresh legs in there at all times. BR has only a 6 man rotation, and really only 5 in the 2nd half of this one as they didn't substitute until a player fouled out with 40 seconds left. It is tough to be outnumbered, but BR did a good job of sucking it up. They played zone mostly which helps to conserve energy. The game was close throughout. BR got a 6 point lead early in the 2nd half but missed a couple of chances to widen that. Numbers began to tell a bit and Harrison eventually went up by about 5 or 6 pretty late, but BR made some realy good plays to get to the end game where they had a chance to win it and then: 2. That is the number of missed calls at the end. The officials were really good up until the end of the game, where they missed 2 fouls. With under 40 seconds left and BR down 3 Lengacher made a great post move, scored and was fouled. No call. Harrison turned it over and Adam Graber makes a great drive to the basket where he is clearly fouled. No call. Harrison missed 2 free throws with 6.9 seconds and BR takes it the length of the floor but loses the ball and doesn't get a shot. Give Harrison credit for playing great defense without fouling on that last possession. There you have it. Walker and Lengacher were really good for BR. BR played their hearts out and so did Harrison. I hope BR can continue this series as it is great for BR.
  3. Warsaw wins 51 - 35. Seems like a nice win. In the past when Warsaw has made deep tourney runs they have had teams that were not as physically talented as the Indy area 4A's but were able to compete because they could control pace and had strong fundamentals. Is that the sort of team they have this year?
  4. http://www.washtimesherald.com/sports/local_sports/wagler-making-waves-at-ocu/article_02c4a1b6-0ca8-5a0a-9a40-59bb84a81889.html It's nice to see he is having success. I have been watching high school ball for 3 score and more and he was one of my favorites to watch play. Just a great competitor.
  5. CJ Hedgepeth did not play for Harrison. I guess he is hurt. Vincennes was disappointing in this one. They just seemed to lack energy from the start. They made lots of bad turnovers. Harrison didn't play great either, which is understandable being without their best player. I did think they they played harder than Lincoln, especially defensively.
  6. Thanks for making my point for me. He should go to the bench when he gets tired, when he is out of sync, when he is making bad choices/passes, when he fouls a 3 point shooter, when his level of intensity isn't where it should be, etc, etc - in other words just like any other player on the team. The notion that the job done by his parents means he would never benefit from a break is one of the dumbest things I have ever seen. The point wasn't that he wasn't coachable, but that he wasn't being coached.
  7. On the Logan benching thing he is referring to another post of mine in a different thread after the Loogootee game. As you know Logan went through a stretch where he really didn't play very well and especially the Loogootee game. Being the helpful guy that I am I suggested to coach Hughes that he might try letting him sit a bit if he isn't playing well. Basically my point was that nobody should be above being coached. Obviously I wasn't suggesting he remain on the bench for long. It's no doubt coincidence but subsequent to that discussion Logan has played great, so perhaps time on the virtual bench worked just as well. I like second guessing coaches. To me that is a big part of the fun of the game. I wish coach Hughes made more use of his bench. It is really hard to win anything with just 6 players. The bench was a huge part of the championship last year. That is about the only area where I get to 2nd guess coach Hughes.
  8. Walker definitely went to the bench with foul trouble, it's possible he didn't pick up the 5th, but I'm pretty sure he did because I was really surprised that coach Hughes brought Yoder back in after his head injury. Somebody for sure fouled out for BR and I'm 99% sure it was Walker.
  9. Barr-Reeve 57 Pike Central 52 A capacity crowd got their money's worth last night. First things first, the JV game (won by BR 51-37) featured an unbelievable 2nd half performance from BR freshman Gabe Gladish. He literally couldn't miss. If someone knows the exact numbers, please share them. I would guess he was something like 12 for 12 from the field for 28 points. In the varsity tilt it was a well played game. BR started off in zone and PC shredded it. I think BR was down early by about 10, maybe 8 and had to call a time out. BR stayed in man defense from there on, and played really good defense. I really liked the PC approach from the offensive standpoint. They really concentrated on getting it inside, mostly via the dribble. Elliott was very good for them. John Walker did eventually foul out for BR, but for the most part BR defended well, doing an especially good job of closing out on perimeter shooters. BR was really good offensively. They did a great job of controlling the pace, and also changing the pace. They would make PC chase for a minute or more on one possession and get them a little winded, then come back the next 2 or 3 possessions with quick hitters and get behind them for scores. BR had very balanced scoring and really good effort from all 6 players. Give PC credit for playing till the end. BR was up about 10 with under 2 minutes and missed the front end of 3 straight bonus opportunities and PC made some shots to cut it to 3 at one point, but then BR hit the free throws when they really had to at the end (mostly Logan James who was splendid again last night). For Pike Central: If they are going to make a long tourney run, which they have the talent to do, I see two areas where they need to improve, and they are related. They need to be better defensively and they need to improve cardiovascular fitness. They really only play 6 players and they got gassed at times. Improved VOX would allow them to play harder/longer on the defensive end. For BR: No suggestions, but a comment. Coach Hughes coaches very much like coach Browning would, which I describe as Bob Knight style without the bad parts. It is always interesting to me when coach Hughes and coach Browning differ. One area we differ is bench utilization, specifically using a kid who has just played a great game in the JV contest. If it were me last night I would absolutely have put Gladish in there with a one word bit of coaching advice: "shoot". I would have had to have seen if he still had that magic touch. Bottom line: BR played a beautiful game and beat a really good opponent on the opponents home floor and a capacity crowd. Well done. Pike Central played well too and are just a couple of things away from being a team that could compete for a state championship.
  10. I know nobody is perfect but there should be some sort of punishment for this sort of incompetance. It's not like it was on a break or anything like that - it was in a halfcourt set. Thank goodness it didn't end up costing PC the game.
  11. Pike Central is certainly due to win against BR. I can't recall them winning since the Adam Seitz days and that has been a long time - must be about 20 years. Based on what I saw against Washington, I think BR will be able to get shots against PC. Again, just as in the Washington game, PC ought to try and pound it into the paint. BR has no depth with size at all. If PC is content to play the spread and shoot perimeter shots then I think BR has a chance to get a win. If they force it inside via the pass and the dribble then I like Pike Central by double digits.
  12. I just thought they were in the bonus, didn't even realize they called it a two shot foul. Wow. Not sure how the scorer could not have seen it.
  13. It was a terrible call. If you are going to make that call then you have to signal early and emphatically that it was on the floor, not the shot. The official didn't do that at all. This is a really interesting match up between these two teams. Should they meet again I would really like to see Pike Central try and post up the smaller Hatchets much more than they did in this game. I know they are more of a spread offense team, and both Toopes and Elliott are more comfortable facing the basket, but in the paint is the ticket for them against Washington.