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  1. Jeff Hein

    I am suprised there hasn't been more info out there on possible hires.
  2. Class 1A State Tournament

    I am hoping the Cardinals bring the title back to SW Indiana. Good luck.
  3. Class 2A State Tournament

    It is really unjustified to play any semi-state games in Richmond. What is wrong with the IHSAA?
  4. Southridge Sectional

    Congratulations Pike Central. Now don't stop, beat Bosse.
  5. Jeff Hein

    I hope they make a really good hire. Any rumors out there on who they might be looking to interview?
  6. Southridge Sectional

    I know Jasper crushed Vincennes in the regular season. Can Vincennes make a game of it or will Jasper cruise into the championship game? What about Pike Central vs Southridge? Any thoughts on that game?
  7. Didn't he also coach at Monroe City HS ?
  8. Unused Gyms

    The Vincennes girls team defeated Gibson Southern 59-45 last week in Adams Coliseum. Great to see it being used. Lets get a 1A or 2A sectional in here.
  9. Unused Gyms

    Adams Coliseum seats about 5,000.
  10. Unused Gyms

    The old Adams Coliseum in Vincennes has been recently refurbished. It is no longer used by Vincennes Lincoln. It is owned by the Vincennes Education Foundation and used as a special events center. It is looking good again. It will be 100 years old in 2026.
  11. Washington 3A Regional

    I am anxious to see how Vincennes tries to handle Hoda. They had a hard time with Greensburg's big center. This guy is about 3" shorter so it may be a little easier to defense him.
  12. Crean

    Contact the board of trustees here:
  13. Washington 3A Regional

    There is a video clip in the sports sections of the Evansville Courier Press of the final minute of the game. I can't figure out how to paste the link here.
  14. Loogootee Regional

    Would they end up at North Knox sectional or go south ?
  15. Washington 3A Regional

    Vincennes 45 Memorial 44 Final