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  1. Well logical choice would be for Loogootee to replace Bloomfield in Sectional 47. Then Loogootee should be hosting that as it has largest gym in that new sectional.
  2. Doesn't matter what DOE site says. IHSAA has accepted the numbers released so this isn't correct.
  3. He didn't deserve the technical,Orleans are nothing but trouble!
  4. Well I guess his thumb is better, good for him.
  5. That 40% is very misleading. Loogootee was 2-18 from three point line and most of them weren't even close. Officiating was very one sided which is typical of Orleans. They also don't like fans of opposing teams to question the officiating and threaten to throw people out. Mike was accessed a technical for mearly asking why foul called on our end wasn't treated same when we drive to the basket. Don't get me wrong Olreans played well and deserved to win, but you always get homered when you play there.
  6. As long as it's not to severe of break, he should be back by sectional. For his sake I hope so. I guess good life lesson to learn, life isn't always fair.
  7. The Loogootee game was a defensive struggle to say the least. Wagoner said if he'd been told we held Southridge to 33 pts. he would have been happy. The Lions missed some key buckets, Colin Nelson needs to take advantage of the open looks he's receiving. He did shoot one trey and hit it, I don't know if it's confidence thing but Conner and Mathies were both heavly guarded.
  8. I read that fantastic article, but I don't know how you go through Loogootee to Washington without making some comment about Jack Butcher being Indiana's winningest coach. Should have been a sentence mentioning that in my opinion, he goes to Seymour, yes Seymour! 1-14, worse team in 4A and a school who never made it to the State Finals, largely again because of Jack Butcher and the Loogootee Lions!
  9. He started coming around late in year and we were ready to head into tournament at that point and you don't want to mess with anything at that point. He should be back in lineup real soon, severe sprained ankle is what i've been told.
  10. Ironically that officiating crew did the Loogootee-North Daviess game last Friday night. Once I saw they were doing the game I had big sy of relief, cause they are about as good as it gets.
  11. This was a good and entertaining game to watch. Loogootee came out hot and held off the charging Vikings to seal the victory. I would attribute some of the late free toss misses to fatigue. It was as hot as an oven at Barr-Reeve and the players were drained. The sequel will be interesting. Loogootee, Barr-Reeve, and North Daviess, what more can you say, three schools with great coaches who's teams are fundamentally sound. The sectional draw is going to be crucial, whoever has to win against two of the three is in a distinct disadvantage.
  12. I'm sure Barr-Reeve is very good. Only time I saw them play was against Hatchets in openning game. Never can judge just on that. I'm sure I'll be impressed Saturday, but unless I see anyone play to that level I'm sticking with Rockville as team to beat in 1A. Sometimes the heavy favorite doesn't make it, i've seen alot of ballgames, especially state tournament games, all it takes is one bad game and your eliminated, so we'll have to see.
  13. Rockville is the best team in 1A hands down. The Mahurin kid is awesome. I saw them dismantle Robinson, Il. in Wabash Valley Classic final game. Last friday they beat TH North on their home floor. The Rox are heavy favorites at this point to win the 1A title.
  14. One would hope Loogootee doesn't go 3-18 from downtown again this weekend. I think it will be a tight game throughout. If I was a betting man I'd predict Barr-Reeve by 5.