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  1. I agree with this statement
  2. To start the game but after Whitlock and Beaupre hit corner threes they went man.
  3. Skaggs was averaging 19 a game. Cody Shively did a tremendous job face guarding him the entire game. Scruggs was averaging 15 a game. As mentioned Yeo was outstanding on him. Dorris did what he could and had a great game but he couldn't do it by himself.
  4. We sure hope so.
  5. Tanner Shepherd (#24) moved to Triton from Tippecanoe Valley after his freshman year. His dad physically moved to Bourbon and Tanner chose to live with him. Triton has also had a kid transfer to Valley, 3 to Bremen, one drop out, and two decide not to play. It's scary to think how good they could have been in a perfect world type of situation.
  6. I'm extremely biased but I'm taking Triton by a possession.
  7. I wasn't all that shocked that he didn't play in the game against 21st. Although I figured he would've played at the end when it was in the bag. I was really surprised that he didn't play against us. Most of the games I watched he started and gave them another inside presence besides Dorris. I thought he might even start against us because IMO that would've caused us a bit more of a matchup problem. It *%#!?*s to be a senior and have to go out like that. I know the feeling all too well.
  8. I guess losing Wittenmyer hurt quite a bit.
  9. Rade did you ever play in the Bourbon Summer League?
  10. I was also there. Marquette will be a very tough out. They seem to have a little bit of everything with the exception of much of a bench. I'm curious how they'll play today. I'm not sure how good St. Joe is but they can't be as bad as New Buffalo.
  11. Do you know the status of the Anderson kid from Culver? I thought I heard he had knee surgery and might not be back to playing yet?
  12. It sounds like they play the same as they did last year. They have some talent but if shots aren't falling they find themselves behind in a hurry. That's what happened in our Regional game last year. They chucked several quick shots early in the possession and fortunately for us they didn't fall.
  13. James Blackmon at Luers coaches his two sons, James Jr. and Vijay
  14. Like I said, Northwood is a legit contender.
  15. I agree sportsfan. That's why I mentioned them in the 2nd post. As far as I'm concerned until Rockville gets beat they are the favorites from the North. Nobody has mentioned Liberty Christian yet though. I'll admit I know nothing about them other than Chris Nunn is very talented. Is there anybody from that way that can talk about them?