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  1. Posting has been disabled. Follow us to our new home. Link above.
  2. We have made the decision to let IBD expire. We will be starting basketball forums at the gridiron. Many of you already know where that is but I'll provide a link at the end. If you don't have an account there you will have to register one. The user accounts here won't transfer. Neither will the old posts. I'll leave this site up as a read only forum for a while. The software license expires in December so that will probably be when I take it down. Join the TGD here: I'll turn of the ability to post in this forum in the next week or so making it read only.
  3. Good... I don't know how many times I tried to make that test post before I got it working again. :-/
  4. Are we back online?...........................................
  5. ...and by soon I mean sometime tomorrow have to wait until business hours tomorrow to resolve one (hopefully) late issue. but nothing seems to go as planned does it.
  6. Well... not as soon as I hoped ...but this time I mean it...!
  7. Almost got it back online guys
  8. Since the name entered in your profile doesn't match this claim I should probably close this account down...
  9. ...or maybe not! I'm getting really tired of babysitting you.
  10. Tigers have trouble changing their strips. It won't take long to have new evidence. ...maybe some people don't get approved when they register...?
  11. It has nothing to do with getting any traffic here but everything to do with keeping you all out of my hair while I try to fix the football board which is FUBAR after trying to upgrade the software.... It upgraded fine here though. I am pretty sure the gallery software is what messed it up but still working on it.
  12. The football forum crashed after and upgrade of the software. I'm doing what I can to return it for our use.
  13. A lot of the Catholic feeders around here not only practice Sunday's but play games too on Sunday.
  14. Just looking for info on how this is handled at other locations.
  15. Long over due... but I've been really busy.