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  2. Posting has been disabled. Follow us to our new home. Link above.
  3. It's been awhile since anybody has posted on this forum, but basketball season has officially started so maybe it will pick up. Let the madness begin!
  4. 6'5" Wing for Covington transferring to Loogootee.
  5. I heard he decommitted and isn't playing any sports this year.
  6. Looks like Shakamak is now open... Edgewood will be filled
  7. We have made the decision to let IBD expire. We will be starting basketball forums at the gridiron. Many of you already know where that is but I'll provide a link at the end. If you don't have an account there you will have to register one. The user accounts here won't transfer. Neither will the old posts. I'll leave this site up as a read only forum for a while. The software license expires in December so that will probably be when I take it down. Join the TGD here: I'll turn of the ability to post in this forum in the next week or so making it read only.
  8. New addition today puts the unofficial number at 55.
  9. Latest update has the unofficial number at 54.
  10. Good... I don't know how many times I tried to make that test post before I got it working again. :-/
  11. looks that way
  12. Are we back online?...........................................
  13. Just noticed on John Harrell's site that Vincennes Lincoln has been replaced by Evansville Memorial on the Heritage Hills schedule. I was told last year we were adding Memorial but didn't think VL would be the team off the schedule.
  14. An at least somewhat surprising addition of Bloomfield puts the unofficial number at 52.
  15. 2 new additions put the unofficial number at 51 as of June 14th.
  16. Kevin Menke has been named the new Varsity Boys Basketball Head Coach at Wood Memorial.
  17. Number now unofficially at 49.
  18. The previous post on Edgewood and Shakamak openings was a little premature. Too many moving parts at Edgewood... Kind of a shame for all involved.
  19. Very good
  20. Number now unofficially at 48. North Montgomery the latest addition.
  21. No I don't. Ridge said in the paper he got accepted to law school
  22. Do you think his resignation was connected to the FBI raid?
  23. Number now unofficially at 47 with Terre Haute South opening included.
  24. Scott Ridge resigned this week. South returns 4 starters, including 2 all-state candidates. They also will have a pretty good sophomore back who missed all of last year with a knee injury. They should be a top 10 team next season. It will be interesting to see what direction they go in.
  25. Varsity and JV Shootout went well. Full day of high-level competition from 10 local High Schools.
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